IVA's 100 list highlights prominent research

This week The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) released its second 100 list, presenting 94 current research projects from 27 of Sweden's universities, spanning the entire sustainability field and with great potential to be turned into business.

IVA's 100 list 2020 consists of prominent and current research on sustainability that can create value in the form of knowledge, processes, products and business development and is applicable in:

  • Smart industry
  • Resource and energy efficiency
  • Society and welfare
  • Infrastructure
  • Smart products and services
  • Business models and circular economy

The 100 list aims to highlight researchers and research teams with interest in increased contacts with the business sector and surrounding society. Therefore, the selection is not only based on scientific excellence but primarily on the research´s potential for business development, innovation and benefit for users, companies and society. However, scientific quality is of course a basic requirement.

With its Research2Business (R2B) project, IVA wants to support Sweden’s efforts to become a leader in turning academic research into innovation and competitiveness in business and industry. The goal is to strengthen and increase collaboration between university research and businesses to mutually benefit all actors.

- By building bridges between academia and business, we give research with the potential to change the world a greater opportunity to be realised to actual benefit, says IVA's President Tuula Teeri.

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