IVA’s Anniversary Fund

IVA is turning 100 in 2019 and our anniversary celebration will focus on the future.

Our vision is for Sweden to strengthen its position as a leading knowledge nation with competitive businesses and industries as a foundation for our prosperity.

We are now working on securing funding for two long-term future projects: “World-Class Knowledge and “Entrepreneurship for the Future”. To this end we have created an Anniversary Fund. In addition to asking for contributions from foundations, companies and organisations, we are also inviting anyone who would like to support our work to donate.

World-Class Knowledge is a theme with three main focus areas: strengthening Swedish education, positively impacting public attitudes to knowledge and an internship programme. Educating girls and women in engineering and natural sciences is an area of particular focus.

Entrepreneurship for the Future is intended to foster a positive and attractive entrepreneurial culture, help individuals develop in the art of entrepreneurship and increase knowledge among policy-makers about the necessary conditions for entrepreneurship and intrepreneurship – all with the aim of ensuring that Sweden has a competitive entrepreneurial climate.

Each theme will encompass scientific studies and analysis, as well as concrete operational activities.

You can deposit your donation on IVA’s bank account at Handelsbanken, 6110-014920301, or Bankgiro 726-5101. You can also send it by Swish to: 123 270 22 23.  

Indicate “Anniversary Fund IVA 100 years” on your payment. If you want your name to be included on IVA’s Donation Wall, please include it as well.

Contact information

Katarina Mellström
Senior Director
Phone +46 (0)70-309 22 50