IVA’s energy expert on power grids in Brussels

IVA and the German engineering sciences academy acatech together arranged a well-attended seminar on energy policy at Sweden’s European Commission representation office in Brussels.

The keynote speaker was Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Deputy Head of Cabinet at the European Commission. He described the political situation leading up to the European Parliament vote on the Commission’s general energy policy proposal: Clean Energy for all Europeans (popularly called the “Winter Package”). In order to further develop the market, renewable energy sources – solar and wind – need to be better integrated into it. Several EU nations still have regulated end-consumer electricity prices, while Sweden has had deregulated prices since 1996.

Karin Byman, energy expert at IVA, presented the conclusions from the Electricity Crossroads project addressing the challenges in maintaining delivery reliability in the Swedish electricity system. An expert from acatech described similar challenges in the German electricity system. Germany and Sweden have many similararities in terms of their ambitions to transform the electricity system. But the two countries face different challenges; more than 55 percent of electricity production in Germany is based on fossil fuels, while Sweden is essentially fossil-free.

IVA member Birgitta Resvik of Fortum joined the panel debate following the seminar. She described development projects and new business models that energy companies are pursuing to increase flexibility in the energy market. She also highlighted the system perspective and the possibilities of district heating.

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