Journalist and author Ingrid Carlberg is awarded IVA’s award for science journalism

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences award for science journalism – the Hans Bergström Award – has been awarded for the sixth time. Author and journalist Ingrid Carlberg received the award for her biography of Alfred Nobel.

“In her historically accurate book, Ingrid Carlberg inspires as she presents Alfred Nobel, the engineer, the innovator and the entrepreneur”, says Tuula Teeri, President of IVA.

Carlberg is a worthy recipient of this year’s award for science journalism.

Explaining its decision, the jury cites, for example, how skilfully Carlberg has described the era of breakthroughs in science and technology that Alfred Nobel lived in and contributed to.

“The method I employ as an author to bring an individual and an era to life is exactly the same as I used as a journalist in narrative reporting for Dagens Nyheter. This is, of course, a far more ambitious undertaking in terms of historical research”, says Carlberg. “My father was a mining engineer, as was his father, grandfather and great grandfather. He would have been very proud that I received this distinction”.


The biography “Nobel – Den gåtfulle Alfred, hans värld och hans pris” (Nobel – The enigmatic Alfred, his world and his prize) is an outstanding presentation of Alfred Nobel. Mobilising all of her expertise from many years as an investigative and narrative journalist, Ingrid Carlberg has written the ultimate biography of the engineer, the innovator, the entrepreneur and the philanthropist, Alfred Nobel.

By persistently digging through archives in multiple countries she uncovered an astonishing number of new facts about the most famous Swede in the world. The motives behind Nobel’s donation are significantly more understandable after reading Carlberg’s book. Carlberg has skilfully described the era of breakthroughs in science and technology that Alfred Nobel lived in and contributed to. Her narrative gives the reader a real feeling for the courage of the entrepreneur/innovator as he navigated resistance and setbacks 150 years ago.

The award will be presented to Ingrid Carlberg on 24 September at a webinar organised by IVA on the theme of Journalism in Crisis.

IVA’s award for science journalism – the Hans Bergström Award

The award was launched in 2015 and promotes a scientific approach in the media, recognising excellent journalism in science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Journalists working in all subject fields can be nominated. The amount awarded is SEK 100,000. The award is made possible by a donation from the Hans and Barbara Bergstrom Foundation.

The jury

The jury for the award consists of five IVA members. It is headed by Tuula Teeri, President of IVA, and the other jury members are: Associate Professor Hans Bergström, former Editor-in-Chief for Dagens Nyheter; honorary Doctor of Medicine Jan-Olov Johansson, agronomist and head of Vetenskapsradion for many years; Björn O. Nilsson, former President of IVA and County Governor for Norrbotten; and Professor Lena Treschow Torell, former President and Chair of IVA.

Past recipients

The past recipients are Åke Spross, science reporter at Upsala Nya Tidning; Katarina Gunnarsson, reporter at Sveriges Radio; PM Nilsson, political editor at Dagens industri; documentary filmmaker Bosse Lindquist; and Anders Bolling, reporter and blogger at Dagens Nyheter. 

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