Klartänkt – films for youth about critical and scientific thinking

Scientific methods and avoiding thought traps and fallacies are the themes explored in a film series called Klartänkt (Clear Thinking).

The four Klartänkt films are part of an education package called Klartänkt which includes a curriculum and a teachers’ guide (authored by Siv Engelmark and Åsa Sundelin). The themes covered are scientific methods, source criticism, the history of science, critical thinking and fallacies.

The person behind Klartänkt is Andras Gedeon, a member of IVA. The films were produced by Mediabruket. Johanna Becker is the Project Managerand the presenter is Rasmus Åkerblom. The reference groups include Dan Larhammar (Chairman of the Swedish Academy of Sciences’ Education Committee), Göran Grimvall (IVA), Sven Ove Hansson (IVA), Britt-Marie Drottz Sjöberg (IVA), Gerd Bergman (Science and Technology for All, Head of Development), Marja Andersson (Science and Technology for All, Director), Åsa Sundelin (Nobel Museum, Head of Exhibitions and Education) and Christer Sturmark (Fri Tanke Förlag, author).

See the films by clicking on the links below (in Swedish with subtext):

KLARTÄNKT Film 1 - Scientific method and celestial bodies

KLARTÄNKT Film 2 - Scientific method and vaccinations

KLARTÄNKT Film 3 - Avoiding mind traps

KLARTÄNKT Film 4 - Argumentation fallacies

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