Knowledge and entrepreneurship for the future

IVA is the world’s oldest academy of engineering sciences and will turn 100 in 2019. Thoughout these 100 years we have been making a difference. We have impacted societal development, provided a pool of knowledge and offered a meetingplace for representatives from academia, the private sector and the political sphere. IVA is an independent academy whose mission is to promote the engineering and economic sciences and the advancement of business and industry for the benefit of society.

When we celebrate our anniversary the focus will be on the future. Our vision is for Sweden to strengthen its position as a leading knowledge nation with a competitive private sector as a foundation for our prosperity. Sweden is leading the way and inspiring actors to find solutions to the global social challenges. Science and technology are more important than ever. New technology will lead to innovations that will play a crucial role in sustainable development.

As we look to the future we see two strategic areas where IVA has unique potential to make a difference and which we want to promote: World-Class Knowledge and Entrepreneurship for the Future.

Within the framework of the World-Class Knowledge initiative we want to help strengthen Swedish education, positively impact society’s attitudes to knowledge and invest in internship programmes. Our activities are grounded in knowledge and respect for learning. IVA’s knowledge initiative will be a meetingplace to identify, systematise and analyse what we know about education and learning to subsequently develop new proposals for schools of the future offering world-class knowledge.

Since 2012 IVA has worked with great success on the internship programme called Tekniksprånget which inspires and motivates young people to study for an engineering degree. A few years later we launched Jobbprånget which introduces newcomers with a university degree to the Swedish job market.

The second strategic initiative, Entrepreneurship for the Future, is based on the idea that entrepreneurs are the engines of the economy. To ensure Sweden’s future competitiveness and prosperity, the abilities and commitment of entrepreneurs are crucial. We want to help foster a positive and attractive entrepreneurial culture, help individuals to develop their entrepreneurial skills and increase knowledge among decision-makers about the necessary conditions for entrepreneurs in order to ensure that Sweden has a competitive climate.

The Prince Daniel’s Fellowship programme was launched in 2013 by IVA and Prince Daniel and is aimed at inspiring young people to have the courage to pursue a future as an entrepreneur. The project wants to promote an entrepreneurial culture and support entrepreneurs.

We are now working on securing funding for important future projects and programmes. We want to create the financial conditions necessary for initiatives where IVA can get involved in important and current social issues. To implement these long-term initiatives, IVA needs financial support from foundations, individuals, companies and organisations. If you or your organisation would like to know more, please contact Katarina Mellström.

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