Knowledge exchange in Canada for Innovation in the Forest Industry project

IVA’s Innovation in the Forest Industry project will spend three intensive days in Canada to meet with a variety of organisations, companies and politicians. Learning about Canada’s success stories as well as its challenges will enable the project’s delegation to take valuable insights back to Sweden, which will also inform the project work.

The delegation includes members of the project’s work groups and Steering Committee. Participants from the Steering Committee are Ingrid Bodin, Executive Vice President Sustainable Development Preem, Carina Håkansson, CEO Swedish Forest Industries Federation, Lennart Rådström, IVA member, Division VIII – Forest Technology and Peter Wågström, President and CEO of NCC.

The reason for choosing Canada as the destination is a shared history, similar challenges and the fact that Canada has advanced further in meeting these challenges. Like in Sweden, the demand for graphic paper continues to fall due to digitalisation. In Canada FPInnovations was formed in 2007 and a university network in 2009 to improve collaboration between industry and academia. The supply of talent has also been a prioritised issue in Canada and the university network FIBRE has been able to attract top students and professors to strengthen the industry. 

The trip will also include a number of visits, for example, to Creencore Composites and CRIBE in Toronto, BioFuelNet, Kruger, CelluForce and Enerkem in Montreal and finally FPAC, NRCan and FPInnovations in Ottawa. 

Contact information

Hampus Lindh
Project Manager
Phone +46 8-791 29 31