Lena Olving and Mohammed Homman join the Executive Body of IVA’s Business Executives Council

Today two new members were elected to the Executive Body at the Business Executives Council’s annual meeting.

Lena Olving, CEO of Täby company Mycronic and Mohammed Homman, CEO of biotech company Vironova, were elected as members of the Executive Body of IVA’s Business Executives Council for a 3-year term.

Since 2013 Lena has been at the helm of the fast-growing manufacturer of equipment for the global electronics industry. She has previously held senior positions with military defence group Saab and automotive manufacturer Volvo.

Virus researcher Mohammed Homman started his Stockholm-based research company in 2005. The company develops drugs to treat the viruses influenza and herpes. It also offers pharmaceutical quality assurance services.

The two new members will succeed Johan Öberg and Pia Sandvik, whose terms end at the end of 2017. 


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