Security of supply at Energy Summit

The Swedish "society of energy" spent a couple of days at Berns for the Energy Summit.

The purpose of the conference was once again to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the energy market – with a focus on the electricity market.

After the 10 June agreement on Swedish energy policy, questions started to flow, and although it was probably unintentional, almost every speech at the seminar was in some way about delivery reliability and electricity quality.

The term “inertia” started being discussed and gradually during the week it became a topic of its own and the subject of a film presented by Uniper at the seminar.

The speakers all agreed that security of supply is a strategically important issue, but that there is no clear definition of what it is. There are many different solutions to ensure security of supply – both technical and regulatory. Topics discussed during the seminar included everything from adjusting marketing models to batteries.

Most people also seemed to agree that the issue of security of supply is not something that Sweden can solve on its own; cooperation with our neighbours is essential.

Pictured: Jan Nordling, Project Director, Electricity Crossroads, and Ibrahim Baylan 

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