Martin Lorentzon and Maria Rankka new members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

At its most recent Assembly, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) inducted six new members. Martin Lorentzon, Maria Rankka and Susanne Ås Sivborg are among the newly inducted members.

“IVA’s members are the hub of the Academy; they play a crucial role in the Academy’s activities,” says IVA’s President Björn O. Nilsson. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with our six new members.

Martin Lorentzon, born 1969, was inducted into IVA’s Division XI Education and Research Policy. Lorentzon is one of the founders of both Spotify and Tradedoubler. Today, Spotify has more than 100 million users in 60 countries. The company has totally and fundamentally transformed the music industry and its business model. Lorentzon has received a series of distinctions, including an Honorary Doctor of Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in 2015. He is a member of Telia’s Board of Directors and active in the IVA project Prince Daniel’s Fellowship. Lorentzon has an MSc in Engineering from Chalmers.

“I’ve already worked for several years with IVA on various projects and it will be both enjoyable and interesting to become even more deeply involved! If there’s something I’m really passionate about, it’s education and research in Sweden,” says Martin Lorentzon.


Maria Rankka, born 1975, was inducted into IVA’s Division XI Education and Research Policy. She has served as CEO for Stockholm Chamber of Commerce since 2010. She is also a member of the boards of Business Sweden, Stockholmsmässan, Trafikverket and Pop House AB. She has been CEO of the Swedish Free Enterprise Foundation and President of Timbro, a free market think tank. Rankka is also a columnist for the Svenska Dagbladet daily newspaper. She has a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Uppsala University and has completed the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

“It’s an honour to become a member of IVA. In February I had the pleasure of participating in IVA’s exciting Royal Technology Mission to Japan which made me want to get more involved. There’s a great need for institutions like IVA to ensure that Sweden can remain at the forefront in technology,” says Maria Rankka.


Susanne Ås Sivborg, born 1959, was inducted into IVA’s Division XI Education and Research Policy. Since September 2008 she has served as Director General of the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV). Over the years she has worked very closely with the research and development organisations at AstraZeneca and Electrolux. Ås Sivborg has a broad body of knowledge on private and public sector organisations and an interest in research-related activity. Through her committee work in the public sector, not least on the board of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Ås Sivborg has become more closely associated with academic research, including when she worked as the Life Science Coordinator for the Swedish government in 2014. She has an MSc in Civil Engineering from KTH.

“I’m very happy and honoured to be a member of IVA and the Education and Research Policy division. IVA is a very interesting organisation and a forum for discussion and meetings bringing together decision-makers from the private and public sectors. I look forward to getting even more involved in IVA’s activities,” says Susanne Ås Sivborg.


Ellis Rubinstein was elected as an international member of IVA. Ellis Rubinstein has served as President and CEO of the New York Academy of Sciences since 2002. He was Editor of the journal Science from 1993 to 2002 and has for a number of years been a frequent advisor to the UN and other organisations. Rubinstein is very committed to promoting an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among young people and was, for example, the initiator of the Global STEM Alliance. He has worked with the Young Academy of Sweden to establish strong ties between Sweden and Global STEM Alliance. Rubinstein has also recently started working with H&M on its sustainability initiative and is a member of the jury for the new H&M Global Change Award. Rubinstein has recently started working with the H&M Foundation as a member of the expert panel that chooses the recipients of the annual Global Change Award.


Arnold Lee Swindlehurst, born 1960, was elected as an international member of IVA. Professor Swindlehurst is currently Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at Henry Samueli School of Engineering, University of California, Irvine. In addition to his academic career, Swindlehurst has working in the high-tech industry, including as Vice President of Research at ArrayComm. He is one of the leading experts in MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) systems for wireless communication. In 1996–97 Swindlehurst was a guest researcher at Uppsala University and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. This led to several projects where he worked with Swedish researchers. He has also, for example, published jointly with around ten Swedish researchers.


Anders Vinberg, born 1949, was elected as an international member of IVA. Between 2003 and 2006 Vinberg played a key role as a Technical Fellow at Microsoft in Seattle. He is one of a handful of people who worked with management to shape the future development of the Microsoft. In 1974 Vinberg graduated with an MSc in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. After graduating he went on to work for a couple of years as an analyst at Control Data Corporation in Sweden before moving to California where he began a successful career in the US computer industry.


IVA is an independent academy with around 1,300 Swedish and international members. The members are decision-makers, specialists and researchers from the private sector, academia and public administration. His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf is IVA’s patron and is an active participant in the Academy’s activities. The 1,000 or so Swedish members are divided into twelve divisions focusing on different sectors.

The Swedish inducted members are Swedish citizens or permanent residents who have made outstanding contributions in the Academy’s focus areas and who are prepared to devote their time to help IVA achieve its objectives.

International members are individuals who are permanent residents of another country who have made outstanding contributions in the Academy’s focus areas and who have shown a particular interest in forging contacts with Swedish research and Swedish industry.

Photo Maria Rankka: Orlando G. Boström
Photo Martin Lorentzon: Spotify

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