Meet Ola Källenius, International Fellow and CEO, Daimler

Bo Normark, Fellow of IVA and Industrial Strategy Executive at EIT InnoEnergy in conversation with Ola Källenius, International Fellow and CEO, Daimler.

Ola Källenius was elected International Fellow of IVA in 2020. When he met with Bo Normark after his induction, they spoke about EU regulations on emission reductions such as the Green Deal and Fit for 55 as well as the skills supply in Europe and the possibilities of recruiting the right competences.

On the roles of academies in Europe, and IVA’s platform which is built on the cooperation between academia, business and policymakers, Ola Källenius comments,

- I think it is hugely important that all these three areas work together. Business, academia and of course politics. And in this age of transformation this cooperation is even more important.