New entrepreneur talent for Prince Daniel’s mentoring programme

Fifteen young entrepreneurs have been accepted to the mentoring programme within IVA’s Prince Daniel’s Fellowship project. During the two-year programme they will be able to develop their businesses with the help of a hand-picked mentor from the Swedish business community.

Prince Daniel’s Fellowship, a project of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), has launched the third round of its mentoring programme for young entrepreneurs. 15 young people in 11 companies were accepted to the programme. The companies range from Pharem Biotech, which develops a product to break down waste medicines before they are released into the environment, to Sniph, a subscription perfume service.

Alongside the mentoring aspect, the project arranges company visits, lectures and other activities in order to encourage the entrepreneurs to take the next step in developing their business.

“The value is mainly in the ideas that are born in contacts between the young entrepreneurs and their mentors. Several of the companies are developing products and services based on cutting-edge technology. It will be exciting to follow them over the next two years,” says Jenny Nordlöw, Project Manager for Prince Daniel’s Fellowship.

One of the companies selected for the mentoring programme is Mekina, founded by 29 year-old Catrine Sageryd. Her company repairs electric tools in the construction industry.

“When I was accepted to the Prince Daniel’s Fellowship mentoring programme I was really happy and honoured. I have never had a mentor to turn to for help, so having Johan Skoglund, CEO of the JM construction company, as a sounding board is extremely valuable. Above all I’m looking forward to discussing how my company can grow in the Scandinavian market.”

The eleven companies were selected by the Steering Committee of Prince Daniel’s Fellowship in cooperation with those funding the project, SEB, Nordea, Handelsbanken and Swedbank.


Mekina – Catrine Sageryd
Mentor: Johan Skoglund, JM

Sells and repairs electric tools in the construction industry. Construction companies and rental firms are offered comprehensive solutions and service for their equipment stock. 

Pharem Biotech – Martin Ryen and Christian Ryen
Mentor: Håkan Lundstedt, Synsam

Develops products that use enzymes to remove organic pollutants that are harmful to the environment. Creates sustainable solutions for waste water treatment plants, municipal water purification plants and products for household use.

Sniph – Lisa Kjellqvist and Tara Derakshan
Mentor: Pernilla Ekman, Zound Industries

Subscription service where people can discover their new favourite fragrances. Perfume from selected perfume houses are delivered directly to people’s doorsteps every month.

Salipro Biotech – Jens Frauenfeld
Mentor: Anders Ekblom, independent board member

Has developed a revolutionary technology where so-called nanomembrane particles enable faster and more efficient development of new drugs. 

Beet – Martin Rengfjord
Mentor: Johan Skarborg, Academic Work

Digital marketing agency offering specialist expertise in all digital marketing channels.

ETP kraftelektronik – Christer Sigurd
Mentor: Johan Söderström, ABB

Designs electric drivelines for electric vehicles of the future. Delivers individual electric components and tailored comprehensive concepts.

DeoDoc – Hedieh and Hast Asadi
Mentor: Magnus Brännström, Oriflame Holding AG

Creates products in the feminine hygiene industry. The products are developed by physicians and manufactured in Sweden.

Karma – Elsa Bernadotte
Mentor: Mia Brunell Livfors, Axel Johnson

App where restaurants, cafés and supermarkets sell leftover food to private individuals who buy directly in the app at a cheaper price. Makes it easy to save food with the aim of reducing food waste.

Cellink – Erik Gatenholm
Mentor: Bahija Jallal, MedImmune

Has developed the world’s first bioink for 3D printing. A bioink can be mixed with living cells to print out human tissue. If future research is successful, it will one day be possible to print out human organs using 3D bioprinters.

Worldfavor – Frida Emilsson
Mentor: Jacob de Geer, iZettle

Cloud-based database service that makes a company’s sustainability information digital, transparent and accessible. Makes it easier for companies to keep track of their sustainability work.

Gårdsfisk – Mikael Olenmark Desalles and Johan Ljungqvist
Mentor: Henrik Treschow, Foodman

Has created a system for farmers where fish farming can be integrated with crop production. Gårdfisk aims to help improve Swedish food production and increase the profitability of Swedish farms.


Contact information

Jenny Nordlöw
Project Manager
Phone +46 70 - 252 96 76