New strides for Tekniksprånget

Tekniksprånget has been around for just over five years and Jobbsprånget for almost two. Tekniksprånget is a programme to inspire young people to study engineering at university and Jobbsprånget is an internship programme that helps newcomers to Sweden with a university degree by expediting their entry into the Swedish job market. Both programmes have achieved great success.
Jobbsprånget webb.jpg

More than 3,000 young people have been placed in internships through Tekniksprånget and 150 employees at hundreds of locations around the country are participating in the programme. Tekniksprånget has a special missing to attract young women and the results are striking – half of all interns are young women. After completing their internship, eight out of ten want to go on to study for an engineering degree and half of those are women.

Jobbsprånget matches employers with university graduates who have recently arrived in Sweden and is financed in cooperation with the Government and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The programme enables the newcomers to get a foot in the Swedish job market through a four-month internship at their own professional level. This project can also boast good results with seven out of ten getting a job after completing the internship.

Both initiatives are now being extended and IVA is therefore looking for new employers to participate. Send an email to tekniksprå if your company or organisation would like to participate in one of the internship programmes.