PM Nilsson to receive IVA award for scientific journalism

IVA’s award for scientific journalism – the Hans Bergström Award – will be presented for the third time at the Assembly of the Academy on 12 June. The amount awarded will be SEK 100,000. The 2017 recipient is PM Nilsson, political editor of the Dagens Industri newspaper. In explaining its decision the jury highlights the way in which PM Nilsson’s writing is characterised by an open-minded and curious quest for facts, resulting in an independent perspective.


"PM Nilsson has actively contributed to broadening the spheres of ideas and opinions. His own writing is characterised by an open-minded and curious quest for facts, an independent perspective and a strong belief in the importance of technology and entrepreneurship for the future. Through the debate website Newsmill and later as editor of Dagens Industri’s editorial and debate pages, PM Nilsson also created a space for professional contributions from others to the public debate – contributions that would otherwise not have had a visible channel. All of PM Nilsson’s work is marked by inexorable personal integrity."

The chairman of the jury was Professor Björn O. Nilsson who was joined by IVA members Hans Bergström, Eva Hamilton, Jan-Olov Johansson and Lena Treschow Torell.

IVA’s award for scientific journalism was instituted to recognise a scientific approach in the media and for excellent journalism in science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship – in a tradition of informing, educating, explaining in detail, and a belief in the future. The amount awarded for this annual prize is SEK 100,000. PM Nilsson will be the third person to receive the award.

“Today fact-based journalism has an increasingly important role to play in a society where fact resistance is a growing problem,” says Björn O. Nilsson. By recognising journalists who focus on fact-based reporting IVA is promoting a scientific approach to both content and methods in the Swedish media.

The award will be presented to PM Nilsson at the Assembly of the Academy on 12 June 2017 by IVA Chairman Leif Johansson. In conjunction with the award ceremony there will be a seminar on the importance of quality journalism.

Past recipients:

2016 Bosse Lindquist, SVT 
2015 Anders Bolling, Dagens Nyheter

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