Is there enough power? What Sweden can learn from other countries

A new study by Andrea Badano describes how ten markets are working on goals and tools to meet the future electricity demand. If Sweden does nothing, we could face a power shortage and possible power cuts.

Sweden needs to review its power system reliability now. Countries like the US, Australia, the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Norway can serve as inspiration for this.

“The purpose of the study was to analyse how different countries are planning for so-called resource adequacy,” says Andrea Badano, Project Manager at Sweco and author ofa study on how system reliability in the electricity market is being handled in different countries. It is important that the dimensions of the power system are appropriate to handle what is required of it. Otherwise there could be a power shortage which in turn could result in unplanned power cuts.

System adequacy is very good in Sweden today. But an increased share of energy production based on wind power combined with a nuclear power phase-out will put Sweden at risk of a power shortage in the future. Investment is needed in new flexible capacity.

What are other countries doing?

“Many countries have already produced – or are planning to produce – national goals for the level they want to reach,” says Andrea Badano. Setting the level is often a political decision because it involves deciding which risks and costs a country is prepared to accept so secure its power supply.

Is there a market that could serve as a role model for Sweden?

“The power market design in different countries is usually tailored according to their own situation,” says Andrea Badano. “[DH1] Electricity markets are highly complex and it is very difficult to say if something that works in another country will work here.”

The new study will be presented at a seminar at IVA on 12 December. Click here for more information and to register.

 [DH1]Note: Spelling in Swedish version is Andreas here.