Spotlight on digitalisation at 2017 Swedish Innovation Parliament

For two days in April numerous companies, public agencies, organisations and other actors met for Innovation Sweden seminars and workshops in Linköping and Norrköping. Among the topics discussed were digitalisation and smart innovation policies in Norrköping.

Digitalisation as a crucial issue for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) was the theme of a number of programme elements during the second day of the Swedish Innovation Parliament in Norrköping. The first workshop on the “Policy” theme was arranged by IVA and focused on “Cooperation and open innovation – Opportunities for Sweden’s innovation ecosystem.”

From the first day of workshop, which took place in Linköping, the audience expressed opinions on the progress of digitalisation today and on cooperation to improve the process in Sweden. Jan Westberg, workshop moderator and Communications Manager for the IVA project “Smart Industry,” summarised some of the comments made.

“Swedish companies have come a long way in terms of digitalisation, but SMEs could do better. There may be good cooperation, but when it comes to digitalisation – which is something new – there is less willingness to work together,” said Jan Westberg.

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