Sweden’s Future Electrical Grid – a project report

The future production mix and electricity use will affect how the electrical grid is developed.

The electrical grid has a fundamental role in Swedish society and is critical for society to function. Trends in electricity use that are affecting the grid include urbanisation, changes in Swedish industry, an increase in the number of prosumers, user flexibility and electrification in the transport sector. All this is increasing the demand for flexible grid solutions.

The future electricity production mix will also determine the design of the future electrical grid. The alternatives involving “more solar and wind” and “more bioenergy” in particular will require changes to the electrical grid in the form of new cables or reinforcement of existing grids at the local, regional and transmission grid levels.

The consequences from the level of self-sufficiency that Sweden achieves – whether in power or in energy – will vary, with self-sufficiency in power having a greater impact on the electrical grid.

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