Textile sustainability from a consumer perspective – new mini report

A new report has been produced as a separate appendix to the earlier report on resource-effective textiles produced within the framework of IVA’s Resource Effectiveness and the Circular Economy project. This report was written by Malin Viola Wennberg in her role as Communications Manager for the eight-year cross-disciplinary research programme called Mistra Future Fashion 2011–2019.

It is important to fully explore and highlight the role, responsibility and ability of consumers to help make the textile sector truly resource-effective. This report provides a good overview of the research being done in this area on, for example, the choice of materials, water consumption, impact from transport to and from stores, and the importance of longer cycles of use. Questions that have been asked are: What does a future with more sustainable consumer behaviour look like? Which social policy mechanisms could accelerate the change?

The report should be read as a separate appendix to the report Resource-Effective Textiles in Sweden – Textiles from waste to resource written by Elin Larsson in her role as project manager for the Textiles sub-project within IVA’s Resource Effectiveness and the Circular Economy project.

Research has taken place within the Mistra Future Fashion programme based on four focus areas, one of which was specifically the theme of user behaviour. Much of the research data in the report comes from the programme’s international research team.

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