The King cancels his participation in IVA’s Royal Technology Mission

Due to the current issues with the process of forming a government in Sweden, the King has cancelled his participation in IVA’s Royal Technology Mission (RTM).

IVA’s recurring study trip, the Royal Technology Mission (RTM) will take place between 25 and 30 November and the destinations will be Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Although the King is not able to participate this time, the trip will go ahead as planned with the study visits and the participation of the other delegates. The theme is innovative capacity and the focus as usual is on technology, science and business, with a unique opportunity for knowledge transfer and networking at the highest level.


The delegates will visit research environments like Hong Kong RITA, start-ups like Snapask, unicorns like Sensetime, accelerators like HAX and big corporations like Tencent.


The Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) has been arranging trips for delegates under the heading Royal Technology Mission (RTM) since 1984 at the initiative of the King.

The purpose of the RTM is to provide representatives from the Swedish business community, public sector and academia with a unique opportunity to gather knowledge and increase their networks.


The head of the delegation is always IVA’s Chairman. As of 2018 this is Carl-Henric Svanberg. The participants learn about initiatives to attract investment and talent, and what cities are doing to create innovative environments to enhance innovative capacity.


The RTM is a trip where visits to various organisations and institutions as well as dialogue between the participants are key to the quality of the trip. The locations visited by the RTM and the combination of delegates contribute to and inspire knowledge transfer in technology, science and industry. 

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