Umeå school wins SEK 30,000 in E-kampen

Mette, Emma, Lilly and Fanny are students in class 9B at Internationella Engelska skolan Umeå. With their event company called “Barn räddar barn” (Children Saving Children) they won SEK 30,000 for their class in the E-kampen competition.

From left to right: Helene Thorgrimsson, Nicolina Larsson, Lena Edblom, Fanny Nylén, Lilli Jonsson, Emma Kennedy, Mette Nordendahl Glans, Fredrik Harr and Mia Carlén. Photographer: Viktor Aronsson

The E-kampen educational concept was developed by IVA’s Entrepreneurship Academy in cooperation with STARTcentrum. Over two days, students in years 8 and 9 have the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and enterprise through creative activities and coming up with their own business concepts. The concepts are tested in practice so they can gain an understanding of what it is like to be an entrepreneur. Throughout the process there are materials available for both students and teachers, including teacher support, exercises and instructions.

Filming the entrepreneurship journey

Students can also present their entrepreneurship journey by recording a film during the E-kampen process. By submitting their film they can enter a competition to win SEK 30,000 for their class. A jury consisting of talented entrepreneurs judges the films submitted based on set criteria and then chooses a winner.

Prize money and inspiration

Four students from Internationella Engelska skolan Umeå won this year’s E-kampen with their event company “Barn räddar barn” (Children Saving Children), which arranges sledging and competitions for children. They also produce and sell arm bands to benefit Barncancerfonden (the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund). On 31 May the class travelled to Stockholm to accept the prize money of SEK 30,000 at IVA. The team behind “Barn räddar barn” wanted to start a business to help people and then developed their business concept into a way of helping children.

Mette, Emma, Lilly and Fanny tell us that through “Barn räddar barn” they raised more than SEK 1,500 kronor for the Barncancerfonden, and that E-kampen really taught them a lot – both about how to run a business and how to work in a team.

The prize money is intended for teambuilding and joint experiences. During their journey the students also met entrepreneurs and visited start-ups to see how new ideas can grow and develop.

The jury explains its decision:

“Barn räddar barn” has created a concept that combines selling goods and providing a service. With their company that offers sledging and competitions, and sells arm bands, the students have distinguished themselves through:

  • Their drive, commitment and desire to help people and make things better by working in cooperation with others.

  • Their ability to combine offering goods and a service in a smart way.

  • Their understanding of how to combine all the different aspects of a business to achieve success.

In a short amount of time the team has succeeded in creating an event company and producing merchandise to generate commitment among paying customers and those who benefit from what they offer. This is entrepreneurship with a lot of heart!

View the winning entry here

Congratulations to the winners and their class!

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