Understanding innovative Sweden

Understanding Innovative Sweden – From Farming Nation to Innovation Leader is the title of IVA’s new report on innovation nation Sweden.

Sweden is a leader in innovation today. We are one of the countries in the world that invests the most, in relation to GDP, in research and development, and we have created more large global corporations per capita than any other country. IVA’s report answers the question of how Sweden has succeeded in becoming a leading innovation nation. 

The report presents Sweden’s position from an international perspective. It describes Sweden’s economic development over the past century and gives an insight into the innovation policy debate here. It also presents the Swedish innovation support system and IVA’s efforts to help improve the innovation climate.

“Over the years, we have seen great international interest in learning how Sweden has become so successful in innovation and how we go about developing innovation policy – nationally and regionally. We produced this report to present a clear picture of our progress in this area,” says Johan Carlstedt, Project Director for Attractiveness for Sustainable Growth.

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