We stand with Ukraine

With Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the security situation in our immediate surroundings has rapidly deteriorated. I am very concerned about the suffering that afflicts the people of Ukraine and about the long-term consequences of the war.
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Already during the Cold War, IVA established connections with researchers and academies behind the Iron Curtain, and after the fall of the wall, we have continued to form networks with and engage in bilateral collaborations with former eastern countries. As recently as 2011, we carried out a study trip to Ukraine together with KTH.

The first victim of the war is the truth

Lots of incorrect information is spread online about the war, and there is also a Russian disinformation campaign against Sweden. Let us be vigilant and take our responsibility for the objectivity of the information we ourselves disseminate on social media.

IVA's Fellows work actively with issues on cyber security, including within the framework of the European network Euro-CASE. It is not always an easy task to pursue, and I am very proud of our members who have tirelessly pursued the issue. The war increases the importance of the matter. IVA today has a dialogue with Euro-CASE about how we can best support our colleagues in Ukraine.

Long-term consequences

Russia's invasion of Ukraine affects the security situation negatively in our part of the world. The consequences for security, energy supply, trade relations and geo-politics will affect us for a long time to come. Our Swedish business community is affected and has already acted by, for example, stopping selling Russian products or buying Russian raw materials. Many the members of IVA's Business Council have operations in both Russia and Ukraine. They are working hard now to support their staff on site and are trying to bring home staff members to Sweden.

A united EU and a united civil society

The attack on Ukraine has clearly shown the unity of all 27 EU member states; against Russian aggression and for solidarity with the Ukrainian people. IVA supports the Swedish government's demands on the EU for even tougher sanctions against Russia and even greater support for Ukraine.

In the society, we are constantly seeing new initiatives in support of Ukraine: sports, for example, have reacted resolutely and unitedly. FIFA stops all Russian national and club teams from matches and tournaments for the time being, Russia and Belarus are stopped from all international badminton competitions. And so on. The cultural world has also acted forcefully. The next edition of the Stockholm Film Festival will have Ukraine as its theme. At the same time, Russian films are being ported from the festival, the organizers announce.

IVA forum for dialogue

For more than 100 years, IVA has been a meeting place for academia, business, and politics. Active meetings and dialogue are especially important in moments like these. One of several initiatives underway is the seminar that IVA's Division IX, Economics, is planning on the theme of the role and responsibility of companies and research towards Ukraine.

Tuula Teeri, Professor and President of IVA

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