Tuula Teeri, new President of IVA

Today Professor Tuula Teeri starts her new job as President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. She is a Professor of Wood Biotechnology and Molecular Biotechnology and comes most recently from her position as President of Aalto University in Helsinki.

“It’s an honour to be given this assignment and I’m grateful for the trust placed in me. As President of IVA I’m particularly interested in being part of the developments in science and technology internationally. Other important issues are the future of engineering education as well as innovation collaboration between academia and industry,” says IVA’s new President, Tuula Teeri.

How will we notice that IVA has a new President?

“IVA is already a great organisation and I don’t think there’s a need for a radical change. But there will of course be new projects. If we were to turn the organisation in any particular direction it would be towards a multidisciplinary path. This may involve recruiting people with art and design backgrounds or increasing participation from the field of economics,” says Tuula Teeri.

“This approach added value for us at Aalto. And I think this it’s important for the future.”

Tuula Teeri has followed the Academy’s growth and the positions it has taken ever since she became a member of IVA’s Chemical Engineering division in 2006.

“IVA is an independent voice and one that’s needed to promote technology and enterprise. The members include the most prominent researchers. That combined with independence creates trust. IVA is driving a credible agenda.”


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