WeWork is challenging office behaviour

The US office hotel giant WeWork is now launching an operation in Sweden. The company will offer 1,000 spaces in its new office hotel to be opened in Stockholm in spring 2019. The IVA project called Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy is keeping a close eye on the development of new ways to use office space efficiently.

It is becoming increasingly popular to use office, service and other space in new, ground-breaking ways. Whether it is through more intensive use of individual offices among businesses, or sharing the same space for different purposes – such as an office, hotel or other use, this is a very interesting way of achieving better resource efficiency and a circular society.

The Facilities work group, which is part of IVA’s Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy project, is working intensely on this idea. At the most recent project workshop participants were asked: “What things need their own space?” For example: Do clothes always need it? Food? Office work? Sales? Hotel accommodation?

Vasakronan, which is participating in the Premises work group, and is working on answering this question and on ways to optimise the use of space in different types of premises to reduce energy, rent and other costs. One of the ways this is happening is the “Smart workplaces” initiative where Vasakronan is studying needs and analysing how to change the way its customers use work space.

Over the past few years, many Swedish and foreign actors have emerged that are offering office hotel solutions to enable customers to rent office space for certain days, certain parts of the year or >for specific projects etc. Now the American office hotel giant WeWork is coming to Sweden and setting up a hotel with 1,000 office spaces in central Stockholm.

Since the start in 2010, WeWork has taken in the equivalent of SEK 75 billion in venture capital. The value of the company has reached around SEK 175 billion. The office hotel will open in spring 2019.