Workshop of the role of electricity

Just over 80 people posted post-it notes, drank energy drinks and discussed future scenarios for Sweden’s energy supply.

On 8 November IVA and the Swedish Energy Agency arranged a workshop entitled “The Role of Electricity in the Sustainable Society of the Future.” It was a continuation of earlier analysis of the future of the energy system by IVA in the synthesis report from its Electricity Crossroads project, and by the Swedish Energy Agency in its Four Futures scenarios.

Erik Brandsma, Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency and Björn O. Nilsson, President of IVA, opened the workshop. Also participating were Jan Nordling, Project Director for Electricity Crossroads, Karin Byman, energy expert at IVA, and Åsa Tynell, Project Manager at the Swedish Energy Agency.

The workshop participants were given the chance to visit four stations, each presenting a different future scenario with the names Forte, Legato, Espressivo and Vivace. At the stations “future guides” showed the participants what their particular future would look like. To enhance the illusion musicians played music written specially for the event and the guides served different types of juice drinks. The groups then discussed how electricity would be used in each of the future scenarios.

The participants in the concluding panel debate were Ingemar Nilsson (S), Magnus Ek (CUF), Sofia Fölster (MUF), Mikael Odenberg, Svenska Kraftnät, Marie Fossum, Ericsson, Maria Brogren, Sveriges Byggindustrier, Anna Holmberg, SKGS and Daniel Persson, Scania. 

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