Digitalisation – new pressure to innovate and collaborate

Digitalisation, automation and robotisation are changing the whole game for players in the private and public sectors.

Malmö högskola, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, byggnad Niagara, sal BOE15
Monday, 11 April, 2016 13:00 - 17:00 CET

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Booking is closed

Digitalisation is increasing the need for innovation. New products and services are being launched at the same time as old ones are being developed.

Digitalisation is also intensifying global competition. A fresh approach to innovation is needed now. New forms of collaboration between large and small enterprises are emerging. There is greater pressure to develop collaboration between universities, the public sector and industry. It is especially important to make use of the type of substantial research investments like those in MAX Lab IV and ESS.

Welcome to a seminar on the challenges involved in seizing the opportunities offered by digitalisation.  


* Eva Hamilton, Chairman of IVA’s Business Executives Council, former CEO of SVT and now a board professional.

* Erik Kruse, Strategic Marketing Manager, aka Ericsson’s “travelling salesman in visions for the future.”

* Johan Röstin, CEO, Copenhagen Malmö Port, which is on both sides of the Öresund strait and which, to remain competitive, relies on digital systems that can handle huge logistics efficiency requirements.

* Linus Eriksson, Traffic Director, Skåne Traffic, which offers free wifi on trains and buses, ticket purchase apps and other services based on new digital solutions for Skåne residents every day.

* Dan Olofsson, legendary IT entrepreneur based in Skåne and involved in a series of projects to improve social sustainability in Sweden and other countries.

* Klas Tjebbes.  CEO of FC Rosengård, who is not only a Swedish National Champion but is also involved in extensive sustainability work in one of Malmö’s most vulnerable “Million Programme” housing complexes.

* Kerstin Tham, professor in occupational therapy and since 2015 Vice-Chancellor of Malmö University.

The host is Hamdija Jusufagic, CEO of System Verification, today an international company in IT systems quality assurance. Hamdija Jusufagic is representing IVA’s Business Executives Council South. 


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