eSports – much more than just a hobby

International titles, ambitious training schedules and millions in prize money. This is the reality of the growing eSports sector in which people compete in computer games. What does the future look for this new, expanding sector?

Photo: Jakob Wells 

Chalmersska Huset, Södra hamngatan 11, Göteborg
Wednesday, 6 April, 2016 17:30 - 19:30 CET

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Booking is closed

We are seeing explosive growth in the eSports sector. Last year 205 million people watched as the professionals competed. The number of professional and amateur players is a full 13 million. And it is anything but a hobby; international titles are at stake, the players practice according to strict training schedules to bring home the prize money which can reach millions of dollars.

Many are interested in the industry’s development and the new business opportunities it offers. The livestream service Twitch, where people watch eSports matches and events live, has 100 million unique viewers every month. MTG is also in on the action. And the world’s biggest eSports event, Dreamhack, has sales in the millions. Sweden’s first eSports bar was opened recently in Gothenburg. The demand exists: the World Championship finale of the computer game League of Legends had 36 million unique viewers. Compare this to the NBA final with 23 million and the final round of the PGA Masters with 18 million viewers. 

It was an easy decision for IVA West to arrange IVA’s the first meeting about this new industry. 


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