#Göteborg100 - A Sustainable Society in Transition

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, was founded in 1919. In 2019 IVA is celebrating its 100th anniversary by hosting several national conferences on sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship and engineering, with a perspective of the next 100 years. IVA West and IVA’s Division III Built Environment will arrange a full day of activities, seminars and high-level discussions about the transformation of Gothenburg from 1919 to 2019, as well as the next 100 years under the heading: Gothenburg – Sustainable Society in Transition.

The programme is presented by IVA West and the division for Building and Construction

Chalmers konferenscenter Lindholmen, Lindholmspiren 5, Göteborg
Thursday, 11 April, 2019 13:00 - 18:30 CET

Booking is closed

Booking is closed

The theme of the conference is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Sweden’s corresponding Agenda 2030 work. The focus will also be on how Gothenburg is addressing the goals at the regional level. Special emphasis will be placed on Goal 11 “Sustainable cities and communities”. During the day we will explore the history that has shaped the city, the current situation and challenges and, most importantly, the way forward to ensure that the conditions are right for Gothenburg to continue to develop as a sustainable and competitive city with a focus on the needs and wellbeing of its residents. 
IVA’s conference on 11 April will be one of many pre-conference events around the country to prepare for the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference (WSBE) “BEYOND2020” on the same theme, which will be held in Gothenburg in 2020

Key questions for #Göteborg100:
• What can Gothenburg and the local community do to reach the sustainability goals by 2030?
• How has Gothenburg evolved over the past 100 years and how will previous strategy decisions affect the basis for future development of the region?
• The roadmap for a sustainable Gothenburg involves change, but which once? In the last session we seek answers from researchers, specialists and influencers in their areas of expertise such as mobility, AI, sustainability and Life Science. What will the best and worst case scenarios for Gothenburg look like in the coming 50 – 100 years?

Speakers: Chrisna du Plessis, professor, University of Pretoria (Keynote), Helena Bjarnegård National Advisor on ArchitectureBoverket, Holger Wallbaum professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Hans Bjur, professor emeritus, historian, Jan Jörnmark, associate professor, Author

Discussion about the future: Elisabeth Björk, Vice President, Astra Zeneca, Anna Larsson, consultant, Bengt Dahlgren, Mohamed Hama Ali, lawyer, Framtidenkoncernen, Michael Browne professor, University of Gothenburg, Erik Gatenholm, CEO Cellink, Robin Teigland, professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Dennis Nobelius, CEO, Zenuity

Moderator: Åsa Lindell

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Gustaf Wahlström
Project Coordinator
Phone +46 8-791 30 04

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