How smart will cars be in the good cities of the future?

How smart can a car be? Will self-driving cars be something we take for granted in future societies? What can we expect of sustainable development that includes electrification of vehicles and novel infrastructure solutions?

IVA Konferenscenter, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm
Thursday, 7 December, 2017 16:00 - 18:00 CET

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Booking is closed

Government investment in infrastructure investments has historically been crucial for the development of society and introduction of new technology.

With cars in the spotlight, we will discuss how growing populations will be able to live and work in attractive environments. Society, technology and the political sphere all need to work togehter to make this happen.

This is also the objective of the IVA project Good Cities of the Future. We need new methods and processes to plan communites, increase the body of knowledge and convey this knowledge to those responsible for community planning in cities and regions. How will cities and regions be developed based on what we know today about community planning? 

The Good Cities of the Futureproject has been exploring technical solutions such as smart transportation and general issues such as planning processes, energy and resources. Four work groups have been focusing on the following themes: Urbanisation’s Drivers and Obstacles, Upward Development Spirals, Future Flows in Sustainable Cities, and Planning and Decision Processes. Each of the themes relates closely to the our ability to build smart and good cities – from many perspectives.

Seminar participants: Monica Bellgran, Chairman Div. I Mechanical Engineering, Håkan Samuelsson, CEO Volvo Cars and member of IVA Div. I Mechanical Engineering, Tuula Teeri, President, IVA, Gabriel Urwitz Chairman, Good Cities of the Future and IVA Div. IX Economics.

Peter Nygårds, Göran Cars and Mari Bromanwill describe the intensified collaboration now under way between Good Cities of the Future and nine Swedish municipalities. What lessons are we learning? Do Swedish municipal authorities have efficient and effective planning processes to meet future needs?

Moderator: Åsa Söderström Jerring, work group chairman, Good Cities of the Future and member of IVA Div. III Building and Construction.  

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Staffan Eriksson
Director Technology in Society
Phone +46 8-791 29 53

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