Career path equality – How we can we increase the number of women leaders in business and industry?

Everyone is talking about the importance of equality at the workplace, but how come things are moving so slowly?

IVA Konferenscenter, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm
Wednesday, 4 October, 2017 08:00 - 09:30 CET

Booking is closed

Booking is closed

What can we do to speed up initiatives to improve equality? For those of us on IVA’s Student Council – just like many other students around the country – equality is a key factor when we’re considering our future careers. This seminar will explore equality in the workplace of the future, how to get there and what opportunities it will provide.

Sweden has committed to work on equality through Agenda 2030. The Government has launched targeted initiatives to deal with the problem. One such initiative is to require employers to work towards even gender distribution in leading positions. But despite initiatives from various quarters, things are still moving slowly. According to a report published in 2016 by Statistics Sweden on the topic, only 5% of the board chairmen of listed companies are women, which is the same result as in the 2014 report.

Why aren’t we doing better? What can we do to speed up the process for equality so that women’s career paths can more closely resemble those of men? These are questions that will be answered at the seminar.

IVA and the IVA Student Council welcome you to attend a thought-provoking breakfast seminar that will focus on concrete measures to ensure more equal career paths. Participants will include Anna Wahl, Professor in gender, organisation and management at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Erik Ringertz, CEO Netlight Consulting and Azita Shariati, CEO Sodexo.

The moderator will be Sara Bergman, IVA Student Council, and Tobias Porserud, CEO Talent Eye.

Breakfast will be served from 7.30 am.The seminar will be streamed. 

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