Junior Academy kickoff 2020

Welcome to an hour of inspiration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and The Junior Academy!

Friday, 25 September, 2020 17:00 - 18:00 CET

Booking is closed

Booking is closed

Live broadcast from Stockholm, Sweden, September 25 at 5 pm (GMT + 1) featuring experts on transitions into a circular flow of resources, the textile industry, robotics and automation. We will also hear from former participants of The Junior Academy on how to create a successful team in the program.


Maja Neiman, project manager for The Junior Academy in Sweden, introduces the The Junior Academy from a Swedish point of view.

IVA challenge fall 2020: Green textiles. A circular and sustainable industry from fiber to fashion. Experts will share their perspectives on an urgent and global challenge. Participants are:

Prof. Danica Kragic, Professor, Computer Science, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Director, Centre for Autonomous Systems, Robotics, Perception and Learning Lab.

Elin Larsson, Sustainability and textile expert, program manager for RE:Source.

Felicia ReuterswärdSustainability Manager, H&M Sweden

Meet Swedish Junior Academy students who share their experiences and best practices on forming international teams on the platform and how to collaborate across borders. Participants are: 

Sara Rydell, member of Junior Academy, teamleader of the winning team in the challenge Intelligent Homes & Health and winner of IVA´s award Young Innovation in Times of Crisis.

Rasmus Häggkvist, member of Junior Aacademy and teamleader of the winning team in the Junior Academy challenge Cyber Security in the age of internet of things.

Yasaman Beiki, member of Junior Academy and participant in three different teams; House Health Keepers from the challenge Intelligent Homes and HealthVerde On Wheels from the challenge Sustainable Chain of Transportation and Fight against COVID-19 frpm the challenge Combating Covid-19.

Jonathan Bäckvall, member of Junior Academy anf participant in the team GJS Health from the challenge Intelligent Homes & Health and the team STEMinist from the challenge Sustanable Chain of Transportation

The webinar is live streamed in English. Registration is not mandatory. At the time of the broadcast the image will be replaced by the stream.

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