Materials are enabling the green transition – Can we manage the supply?

The general use of materials is already increasing at an alarming rate and this effect is enhanced by the transition to renewable energy sources.

A seminar with IVA Division Mining and Materials.
Tuesday, 22 September, 2020 15:00 - 18:00 CET

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We are moving towards a fossil-free world. Political decisions are being taken and technological progress is being made at an ever-faster pace. The combustion engine is already considered outdated and electric cars are marketed to more and more people around the world as eco-friendly alternatives. Coal, gas and oil are being replaced by renewable energy sources such as wind, hydropower and solar.

The general consumption of materials is increasing at an alarming rate and this effect is augmented by the transition to renewable energy. In the transformation to a more sustainable society, we need more materials to produce things like batteries and wind turbines. Several of these materials are metals that lacked large-scale applications a decade ago and are therefore not in circulation. To sustain global prosperity, materials must be used more efficiently. This seminar focuses on how to make that possible.

  • How will the world in general and Sweden in particular manage to provide the materials needed in a green transition?
  • What assets can be extracted from products when they are recycled and what materials do we need to mine for?
  • In what ways can we influence material consumption?
  • What are the environmental, technical and societal challenges?

Welcome to a webinar at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences hosted by the Mining and Materials division. Join experts and researchers from around the world for a discussion on the changes that are needed to enable the green transition from a material perspective. What role does Sweden have and how can we contribute?

The webinar will be in English and a recording can be viewed afterwards. The chat function will be enabled so feel free to pose questions to the speakers during the live stream. 

Download the presentations here:

Daniele La Porta

Anthony Hodge

Jennifer Rietbergen

Maria Sunér Fleming

Christer Forsgren

Markus Reuter

Programme & Participants

Welcome 15.00
Moderator: Charlotte Andersson, Assoc. Prof. LTU, IVA Mining and Materials division

The need for materials in the green transition 15.10
"Minerals for Climate Action: The Mineral Intensity of the Clean Energy Transition"
Daniele La Porta,
Senior Mining Specialist Energy & Extractives, World Bank Group, USA
"A sustainable European value chain to meet the future of energy"
Maria Åstrand, Managing Director Raw Materials Northvolt, Sweden

Responsible Mining 16.00

"Encouraging responsible mining for the green transition"
Jennifer Rietbergen- McCracken, Senior Advisor, Responsible Mining Foundation Switzerland
"Bridging the gap between the need for mined materials and mining’s credibility"
Anthony Hodge, Senior Scholar and Adjunct Professor at the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Engineering Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada; Visiting Professorial Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia
"Sustainable Mining – A Swedish Perspective"

Maria Sunér Fleming, President, Swedish Mining Association


The need for more efficient use, recycling and reuse of materials 16.45
"Recycling in the green transformation- Challenges and possibilities"
Christer Forsgren
, Senior Recycling Advisor, Stena Recycling International, Sweden
"Design for Recycling: A key enabler of the Circular Economy"
Markus Reuter, Professor, Director at Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology

Discussion  Material supply in the green transition – how can we contribute?17.30
Pär Weihed, Professor, Pro Vice-Chancellor LTU, IVA Material and Mining division, Sweden
Daniele La Porta
Christer Forsgren
Markus Reuter
Maria Åstrand
Jennifer Rietbergen- McCracken
Anthony Hodge
Maria Sunér Fleming

Concluding remarks
Gert Nilson, chair, IVA Mining and Materials division

Contact information

Johan Weigelt
Secretary to the Academy, Executive Vice President
Phone +46 8-791 29 44

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