Nordic circular cooperation and best practice

Resource effectiveness and circular economy are key to achieve a sustainable future for all. However, we won't succeed on our own! One possible and important platform is increased Nordic cooperation and the sharing of best practice. In this webinar, you will get an update on what’s going on from some of the main Nordic actors in the field as well as learn more about how to finance further cooperation.

Webbinarium online
Tuesday, 28 April, 2020 08:30 - 10:00 CET

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Booking is closed

There are already international initiatives underway to make resource effectiveness and circular economy happen. But how do we cooperate more closely and avoid duplication? How do we find and share best practice? And what possibilities are there to finance Nordic cooperation further, so that we reach a truly circular and resource-effective region?

The event is arranged by the IVA project Resource Effectiveness and Circular Economy, focusing on three main goals: To create a platform for resource effectiveness and a circular economic, to draw conclusions for policymakers, research and industry on which choices Sweden has to make, and to create cooperation and progress forward.

You can take part of the seminar live or afterwards. To pose questions to the presenters before or during the seminar, please visit and put in code 44 12 69.



08.30 Welcome! Introduction to IVA and Resource Effectiveness and Circular Economy
– Caroline Ankarcrona and Jan Nordling, Project Managers, IVA.

08.45 Presentations from across the Nordic region:

Finland – Jyri Arponen. Senior Lead, Business Development, Circular Economy, Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra. Presentation here.

Denmark – Markus Bjerre, Special Advisor, Danish Business Authority Erhvervsstyrelsen. Presentation here.

Norway and Nordic overview – Christoffer Back Vestli, Manager, Nordic Working Group for Circular Economy (NCE), Nordic Co-Operation/Miljødirektoratet. Presentation here.

– Marthe Haugland, Senior Innovation Advisor, Nordic Innovation. Presentation here.

Financing Nordic initiatives:

– Johan Henningsson, Sustainability Manager, Svensk Exportkredit (SEK). Presentation here.

09.40 Discussion. Questions. Summary and final notes.

10.00 END

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