Why is everyone talking about semiconductors?

Microelectronics and software account for much of the value in everyday products – from toothbrushes and coffeemakers to cars. Industries in Sweden and Europe are entirely dependent on microelectronics imported from suppliers outside Europe for their production – and right now there is a shortage.

Welcome to a webinar arranged by IVA's divisions for Electrical Engineering and Economics. The time for the webinar is Swedish time; GMT+2.

Wednesday, 2 June, 2021 17:30 - 19:00 CET

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Booking is closed

Almost all electronics today are in the form of integrated circuits. An integrated circuit contains components and wiring laid out and etched in microstructures on a surface made from materials in the semiconductor family, such as silicon or gallium. Their conducting properties can be changed by electrical fields and foreign ions making them excellent in the manufacture of transistors and other types of electrical components in microformat. In common parlance we often refer to microelectronics as semiconductors.  

The word semiconductor has popped up in the media more and more over the past year. We’ve been hearing about a supply shortage, manufacturing issues, tariffs or even embargoes. Semiconductors have become a headache for some and an asset, or even a geopolitical weapon, for others.  

This seminar will aim to provide a more nuanced and detailed background on the current tensions around the issue and what it all means for both Swedish and European industry. We will conclude with a panel discussion about Sweden’s role and what can and should be done. 

Participants will include Pontus Johnsson, chair of IVA’s Electrical Engineering division, Anders Lindberg, chair of IVA’s Economics division, Frank Bösenberg, Managing Director at Silicon Saxony, Lena Hagman, Senior Economist at the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, Daniel Eidenskog, researcher at FOI, Lena Westervall, Product Manager Break and Steering at Volvo Cars and Björn Ekelund, Research Director at Ericsson.

The moderator will be Birgitta Resvik from IVA’s Electrical Engineering division.

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