Fuel-Cell Vehicles – the Solution for Fossil Free Transportation?

Fuel-cell vehicles offer a lot of opportunities: Which are the key benefits? What infrastructure is required? What is going on in Japan and in the EU?
IVAs Konferenscenter, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm
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Måndag den 9 mars 2015 17:00 - 19:00

Fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs) have for decades being described as a solution for green transportation. In 2014, Toyota started the sale of a FCV for personal transportation, MIRAI, to the public in Japan, having gotten about 1500 orders in a month. Hyundai has also sent a commercial FCV, ix35 FCEV, to the market for two years with limited release. Production of FCVs will ramp up in the coming years.

Welcome to a seminar, organized by IVA, the Chemical Society of Japan, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, the Sweden-Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan to learn more about fuel-cell vehicle technology and the opportunities it offers.

The keynote presentation will be given by Mr. Koichi Kojima, Project General Manager of Fuel Cell System Engineering & Development Division, Toyota Motor Corporation.

Additional participants include Karin Byman, ÅF, Göran Lindbergh, KTH, Hans G Pettersson, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and Cecilia Wallmark, SWECO.

The closing panel discussion will focus on opportunities for Sweden:

  • What can we learn from Japan?
  • What is the outlook for cost efficient hydrogen production from renewable energy?
  • Which are the challenges?
  • Is it time for Sweden to start planning for an infrastructure for FCVs?


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