Let´s talk intrapreneurship #1

Meet Erik Ekudden, Group Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson.

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Torsdag den 26 augusti 2021 09:30 - 10:15

Ericsson was founded in Stockholm as far back as 1876, as a workshop to repair telegraph instruments and later a factory producing Sweden’s first telephones. Now a global communications giant, the company has been innovating for almost 150 years. 

Group Chief Technology Officer Erik Ekudden and BBC journalist Maddy Savage discuss why a company culture of ‘intrapreneurship’ is so important in a post-pandemic world. How does Ericsson encourage staff to embrace new opportunities and find fresh ways to generate growth, while leveraging its experience and existing strengths? 

This talk is part of our series with innovation leaders, streamed live from Ericsson’s Swedish headquarters in Kista, Stockholm. Participants will be able to join the discussion by sending in questions before or during the webinar.

Guest & Moderator

Erik Ekudden Ericsson Group Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson
Responsible for setting the overall strategy and direction of technology leadership for Ericsson, Erik Ekudden has played a core role in the company’s digitalisation, heading up investments in mobility, cloud solutions, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. He’s been working at the communication giant’s Swedish headquarters in Kista, Stockholm, since 2017, after nearly seven years in Santa Clara, California. Ekudden first joined Ericsson in 1993 and during his long career he’s worked on a range of industry activities with leading customers and partners, as the firm has transitioned from 2G to 5G and beyond. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

Maddy Savage Moderator
After a decade as a BBC journalist and radio presenter in London, Maddy relocated to Stockholm in 2014. Since then, she’s reported extensively on Nordic innovation, tech and lifestyle trends, and is a regular contributor to BBC Worklife, the BBC's digital platform for stories about getting ahead in our rapidly changing world. Maddy has also written for international media such as HuffPost, The Sunday Times and The Telegraph, and reported for high profile broadcasters including Sky News, Monocle Radio and NPR.Listed as one of the 100 most impactful tech profiles in the Nordics by Slush and The Nordic Web in 2017, Maddy has become a popular host for startup and business events across the region. Her recent work includes moderating panel discussions and live streams at Nordic Business Forum, Slush and Women in Tech.

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