Multifunctional composite materials for energy storage in structural load paths

Professor Leif Asp, Chalmers University of Technology, introduces the concept of structural battery composite materials and their possible devices and the rationale for developing them.
IVAs Konferenscenter, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm
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Tisdag den 15 september 2015 18:00 - 19:30

The presentation will comprise an overview of the state-of-the-art, highlighting achievements related to structural battery devices, their material constituents, architectures and performances.

Thereafter research performed by a Swedish interdisciplinary team of researchers on a novel structural battery composite material is presented. The research areas addressed include: carbon fibre electrodes, structural separators, multifunctional matrix materials, device architectures and material functionalization. Finally areas for further research are discussed.

Particular focus in the seminar, arranged by IVA's Division for Mining and Materials, is on a patented battery composite material concept illustrated in picture above. In this concept, carbon fibres are employed as negative battery electrodes and reinforcement, coated by a solid polymer electrolyte working simultaneously as electrolyte and insulator with the ability to transfer mechanical loads. The coated fibres are distributed in a conductive positive cathode material on an aluminum electron collector film.

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