Towards a competitive low carbon economy - Paris 2015

The UN Climate Change Conference, COP 21 Paris, 2015 will start on 30 November. The objective of the conference is to achieve a binding and universal climate agreement, involving all the nations of the world. 

A seminar with the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, IIIEE and the IVA projects Electricity Crossroads and Resource-Efficient Business Models – Greater Competetiveness and IVA's division for Building and Construction.

IVA Conference Centre, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm
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Måndag den 9 november 2015 15:30 - 17:30

Will there be a climate agreement for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations? The Paris conference will put pressure on our policy makers to find a pathway towards a low carbon economy.

At the seminar at IVA there will be a presentation of Policy intervention for a competitive green energy economy, a project of the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, IIIEE. The project's goal is to understand, explain and improve the policy making process towards a low carbon economy. Experiences from countries around the world will be presented. The seminar will also provide insights from several IVA projects. 

The following questions will be discussed:

  • What is a “green economy”?
  • Are there any effective policies or instruments?
  • What is the current status of CO2 emissions?
  • What are the barriers preventing a low carbon economy?
  • What is the cost of new technology?
  • How can the implementation of new technology be supported?

The participants will include: Bo Normark, Chairman of Electricity Crossroads; Professor Lena Neij, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, IIIEE; Associate Professor Luis Mundaca, IIIEE; Professor Tomas Kåberger, Chalmers University of Technology and Nina Ekelund, Hagainitiativet.

Moderator: Mattias Goldmann, Fores


Caroline Linden
Telefon 08-791 29 51

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