Western Sweden as a knowledge region for global companies

The success of a business region is built on its ability to develop, attract and retain the right competences ─ both local and global. How does this affect West Sweden? How can we strengthen our competitiveness?

Chalmersska Huset, Södra Hamngatan 11, Göteborg
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Torsdag den 28 april 2016 17:00 - 19:10

Bokningen är stängd

Bokningen är stängd

The world we live and operate in is becoming increasingly global. This provides opportunities but also many challenges as competition for products, services and talent increases. It requires a close cooperation between business and academia and it requires the right environment to attract the right competences.

In the 2008 IVA West study Foresight Western Sweden ─ Western Sweden as a region of knowledge it was pointed out that we must reinforce local competence with expertise from around the world to enable us to take full advantage of the opportunities which globalization brings. What are the opportunities and challenges? How do we make it easier to recruit international experts?

 At the seminar some international companies as well as universities and schools in Western Sweden will cover on what they are doing to support this development and what drives them to invest in West Sweden.


  • Jan-Olof Jacke, CEO AstraZeneca AB,
  • Lena Treschow Torell, Chairman of Chalmers and MISTRA
  • Niklas Delersjö, Global Talent Gothenburg/West Sweden, West Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

In the panel discussion will also participate:

  •  Lars Andersson, VD Akzo Nobel AB,
  • Pam Fredman, vice-chancellor of Gothenburg University
  • Graham Miselbach, principal, MYP International Section, ISGR will participate.

Moderator: Tom Johnstone, Chairman of Husqvarna and former CEO of SKF

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Genom att dela detta seminarium i ditt nätverk hjälper du oss att lyfta dessa viktiga samhällsfrågor.


Genom att delta i seminariet ökar vi tillsammans vår kunskap i dessa viktiga samhällsfrågor.