Entrepreneurship Education 2020

Through this workshop we, the Swedish Entrepreneurship Academy and Esbri, want to work together with you to create a national network and meetingplace for entrepreneurship educators/teachers active at institutions of higher education.

Hotell Kristina, Rektor Cullbergs väg 1, Sigtuna
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Måndag den 9 november 2020 10:30 - 15:00

Bokningen är stängd

Bokningen är stängd

The workshop is one of the ways for us to achieve our objective of strengthening and developing Swedish entrepreneurship education at the higher education level, i.e. at universities. The workshop is based on collaboration and the themes for this year’s agenda have been developed in cooperation with entrepreneurship educators.

  • Sharing ideas on the content and structure of courses (a focus on the post-corona situation was too narrow according to the responses received)
  • Cooperation with stakeholders outside of university environments, such as entrepreneurs, businesses etc.
  • Create and produce recommendations for politicians and decision-makers on implementation at the regional and national levels.

You will also have the opportunity to provide input on how to develop this national educator platform in the future.

Given the times we are living in it will be possible to cancel your registration before 18 September at no cost. This  may be extended further after the summer depending on the situation at that time.

Participation is subsidized. The participation fee for both days including all meals and lodging.

There is an option to arrive on Sunday evening, the cost of this is SEK 950 SEK (plus VAT), payable at the conference location. Please send an email to Entrepreneurship@iva.se if you would like to do this (this option can also be accepted at a later date).


Maria Saker
Telefon 08-791 29 65

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