Welcome to this digital conference 9-10 February 2021 arranged by RISE, IVA and Industry organisations. The conference stems from a widely expressed need for an open and broad discussion concerning the purpose and mission of large research infrastructures from an industry and innovation perspective. The whole spectrum of stakeholders in the Swedish eco-system for research and innovation are invited to participate.

MAKE USE Conference 2021
Tisdag den 9 februari 2021 12:45 - 16:30

Bokningen är stängd

Bokningen är stängd

The MAKE USE 2021 conference aims to constructively contribute to the ongoing discussion on how we as a nation can benefit the most from the large investments made in large-scale research infrastructures, such as ESS, MAX IV and SciLifeLab.

In advance of the conference representatives from Swedish industry will gather input to a proposed white paper whereby they will express their views and concerns on incentives and needs for increased industrial involvement and use of large-scale research infrastructures. The proposed paper will not only discuss the facilities themselves but also put them into the context of the important national and international ecosystem for research and innovation that surrounds them. During the conference, the paper will be opened for discussion and input from other stakeholder groups as well as the broader community.

By the end of the conference the ambition is that there will be enough refined material for a final white paper from industry in which all their current concerns, concrete new ideas and stated their ambitions are captured. The paper can serve as a useful guide and a source of inspiration for decision-makers and other organizations when they plan for future activities linked to research infrastructures.

The MAKE USE conference is thus a unique opportunity for you and your organization to influence the strategic positioning of large-scale research infrastructures. With your commitment to attend, we can together contribute to the strengthening of the Swedish industry as well as of Sweden as a leading nation in research and innovation.

Moderator: Eva Krutmeijer, EKKO AB

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Please contact Tomas Lundqvist at RISE or Johan Weigelt at IVA if you have any questions. 

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