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Kategori: Deep tech

Chiral composition

for near infra-red light detection and emission.
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Chirality is changing our lives and revolutionizing our industries. Chiral materials and their ability to detect and emit circularly polarized light could be applied in a wide range of applications, including advanced sensing technologies, encryptions, and high-contrast displays. Here, we demonstrate a molecular composition of organic semiconducting materials exhibiting outstanding semiconductor properties and strong chiroptical activities. We highlight our approach particularly extends the working wavelength of the state-of-the-art chiral materials to near infra-red region, which is particularly useful in object sensing and short-distance wireless communication. 

My invention focuses on the chirality induction in organic small molecules. I am planning to apply this method in material designs in applications such as circularly polarized light sensing, wireless communications, and possibly circularly polarized emission. I am seeking to collaborate with companies which focus on object sensing, displays, and other circularly polarized light related areas.

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