Chalmers kicks off Mentor4Research 2015

Chalmers was first out of the gate in Mentor4Research 2015 with the Kick-Off Thursday January 29th in Gothenburg. Johan Carlsten, Vice President prioritized his valuable time his last working day before retirement by welcoming all participants. Researchers this round come from Belarus, France, Germany, Greece and Sweden.

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Researchers Chalmers 2015

Anna Clemens

My research is in the field of catalysis for emission control of diesel trucks. The aim of my PhD project is to contribute to the understanding of copper-exchanged small-pore zeolites in the selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxides with ammonia. Ph D candidate 2015.

Anne Elerud-Tryde

My research is concerning how big groups stimulate new ideas and innovation by using  ”innovation jams”. These “events” are approx.. 3-6 days. Ph D candidate 2015.

Lina Lindahl

I work towards a greener society. My research field is Industrial biotechnology and I work with the utilization of biomass for production of fuels and chemicals using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Ph D candidate 2015.

Tatsiana Lobovkina

I am starting a new project on developing nanoparticles for gene-based therapy.  I expect the results of this project to be of interest for the pharma industry. Asst. Professor

Ivan Mijakovic

I work with bacterial signaling and regulation, and protein phosphorylation, focusing on the model organism Bacillus subtilis. That is my core profile, and also a very fundamental discipline - difficult to commercialize. But it could be used in synthetic biology, creating artificial regulatory devices for cell factories. Professor.

Katerina Mitrokotska

I am working in information and communication security which varies from efficient authentication mechanisms, privacy-preservation as well as intrusion detection and response for communications networks with an emphasis of wireless communications, RFID systems and sensors. Docent.

Louise Olsson

I am working with cleaning emissions from vehicles and have also recently started to work with alternative fuel production. I have many collaborations with companies, both in Sweden and in other countries. Professor.

Jenny Veide Vilg

I am part of a project where we work with biomass from marine alges as a substrat for bio refineries ( The focus is on sustainable production of bio fuel, chemical, material and food components. Researcher.

Mentors Chalmers 2015

Catharina Bäärnhielm

Qualified experience in top positions within the bioscience industry and Astra Zeneca as leader. I have been working with global research strategies and evaluations of research projects

David Haglund

I am working at Volvo Group Headquarter as Director Process Management Governance within Corporate Process and IT.

Bengt Järrehult

I have a long past within the tech Academy. Today I am running my own company with focus on workshops in innovation especially Business Modeling and Customer development. I am giving inspirational presentations on radical and incremental innovation, predictable irrational behavior in innovation, risk mangement in innovation, etc

Åse Nyberg

Today I am specialist within strategic marketing, brand marks and as a  project leader within the Regional development secretariat.

Previously I have been owner to a trade mark specialist company with a number of employees and have also top management experience as marketing manager and sales manager.

JC Persson

I have a very qualified background from AB Volvo where I was Senior Vice President for the Engine division. Thereafter I have been the CEO for IVF. Today I am in several Boards and is also a member of IVA.

Inger Rydin

Backgroiund and competences: CEO and General Management; Board Member, Interim Management. Change Management; Business Strategy International Business. Marketing and Sales; Brand Development; B2B and B2C; Mergers and Acquisitions. Project Management; Management Consulting; Life Science and Med Tech

Olle Stenberg

Board member, CEO and Private Investor in high tech start-ups.  More than 30 years of experience from innovations, academic research, industrial R&D, and venture creations.

Johan Westling

Managing partner at Advisure AB. Early entrepreneur in the IT field. More than 10 years as managing consultant and trusted advisor.


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