Great interest in Mentor4Research 2015 at Uppsala University and SLU

Uppsala has seventeen participants in the tenth round of Mentor4Research 2015 from a different disciplines of research. Most researchers are from Uppsala University complemented with one researcher from SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).

The group of researchers underscores how global the research is today. In addition to Sweden countries like Bangladesh, Japan, Norway, Russia, Germany, Philippines, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Australia and India are represented. 

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Researchers Uppsala 2015

Abdullah Al-Amin
Research focus: Modification of low molecular pharmaceutical compounds through the attachment of DNA strands and used to assess target binding in situ via proximity ligation assays (PLA). PhD student, Dept. of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University.

Yasunori Aoki
Research in the pharmacometrics field. Applied mathematics where the mathematical models are used to analyse the experimental data related the drug development to improve the efficacy and safety of the drugs. Researcher, Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University.

Ingrid Carlbom
Research comprises UHASP, Uppsala Haptics-Assisted Surgery Planning. The UHASP system provides surgeons with an easy-to-use surgery planning tool, relying on stereo graphics and haptics (force-feedback) to assist reconstruction planning of complex congenital and acquired defects in the head and neck area. Professor, Centre for Image Analysis, Dept. of Information technology, Uppsala University.

Johan Elf
Research area is Single molecule fluorescence microscopy, bacterial physiology and microfluidics. Professor, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Computational and Systems Biology, Uppsala University.
Martin Hassler Hallstedt
The field is often referred to as serious games or educational games. Research concerns the development and evaluation of evidence based teaching methods delivered as adaptive gamified teaching programs on tablets. PhD student, Department of Psychology, Uppsala University.

Maria Hammond 
Research in molecular biology, specifically single cell genomics. Post-doc, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University.

Kine Johansen
Research related to identify children with motor function difficulties during the first year of life by using Structured Observation of Motor Performance in Infants (SOMP - I), a test of physiotherapists. PhD student, Department of Women's and Children's Health, Pediatrics, Uppsala University.

Joakim Klar
Research of hereditary diseases and its emergence. Functional studies on why individuals with genetic changes become ill. Researcher, Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Medical Genetics and Genomics, Uppsala University.

Anna Koptina
Research focus is drug discovery. Discovery of novel biologically active compounds in nature and investigation of their mode of action. Post-doc, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Division of Pharmacognosy, Uppsala University.

Malte Kuhnemund
Research related to detection and analysis of very small amounts of diagnostically relevant DNA sequences. PhD student, Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Molecular tools, Uppsala University.

Laureanne Lorenzo
Research in the field of human stem cell biology with a focus on biomarker discovery and drug development. Post-Doc, Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Medical Genetics and Genomics, Uppsala University.

Irena Loryan
Research in the field of brain drug delivery. Focused on understanding how drugs are transported into the brain across the present barriers often hindering the drug entry and how it can be evaluated in preclinical and clinical settings. Researcher, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University.

Velemir Ninkovic
Research field is biology with specialization on the plant protections against pest and diseases. Associate Professor, Department of Plant Production Ecology Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU.

Torbjörn Nordling
Cancer research to develop patient-specific models of gene regulation in Glioblastoma. Statistical theory development. Post-doc, Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University.

Sharn Perry
Research area is formation and function of neuronal circuits. PhD student, Department of Neuroscience, Developmental Genetics, Uppsala University.

Oommen Podiyan
Research is focused on targeted drug delivery for anticancer therapeutics. Researcher, Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory, Polymer Chemistry, Uppsala University.

Evelina Vågesjö
Research “Strategic recruitment of immune cells." Development of a model to reinforce the function of the body's own cells and signaling pathways locally for therapeutic effect. PhD student, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Cell Biology, Division of Integrative Physiology, Uppsala University.

Mentors Uppsala 2015

Göran Beijer
Long experience from leading positions in the biotechnology and life science industry. Formerly CEO ONCOlog AB, NOLabs AB and executive positions in Tamro, Astra Zeneca and Pharmacia.

Stefan Berg
Over 20 years of industry experience in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. Previously Associate Director at AstraZeneca, responsible for Lead Identification and Lead Optimization.

Camilla Huse Bondesson
Broad life science business knowledge with a good balance of strategic, commercial, analytical and operational skills. Long experience from managerial and operational roles within sales, product- and marketing management, and involved in business development and high-level negotiations. Chairman of the Board at Gradientech AB and Immuneed AB.

Michael Camitz
Extensive experience of management and operational positions and as management consultant with business and market development as the main focus. Swedish stock listed companies and Swedish civil service organisations. Main Scope of work; business development, organisational analysis, financial-, economic- and corporate analysis and management training. Experienced mentor and business coach.

Olle Ericsson
CEO, Vanadis Diagnostics. Entrepreneur in the field of molecular genomics and diagnostics, Ph.D in molecular medicine. Passionate about molecular technology development and its application in research, diagnostics and healthcare. Proven track record of successful company start-up, financing, acquisition, integration, and global product launch, marketing and sales. Alumni researcher Mentor4Research.

Nina Forsberg
PhD in Medical Science, MBA. Marketing Director Kullerbacka Consulting. Broad experience from product management, marketing and market communication. in addition to her PhD in Medical Science. Ability to translate technical product and application features into attractive benefits and engaging communication to the targeted customer segment.

Peter Funning
Head of region Scandinavia
Long experience in senior sales and marketing positions in life science including Nycomed, Novasan, Johnson & Johnson, Storz Ophthalmics and Fresenius Kabi.

Björn Ingemarsson, PhD
Business Advisor - Business Development and Commercial Support
UU Innovation, Uppsala University. Currently Business Advisor at UU Innovation, Uppsala University. Previous experience as Senior Innovation and Business Advisor at SLU Holding AB and several managerial positions within customer support, product.

Gunilla Lundmark
CEO Pharmanest AB. Extensive industry experience from the global pharmaceutical and medical device industry with focus on product development, marketing and sales and business development. Currently the CEO of Pharmanest AB and has previously held the position as VP of Q-Med AB and senior positions with Pharmacia and Upjohn.

Anders Lundqvist
CEO Lunders AB. Successful international career from the life science industry with experience from both pharmaceutical and medical device products. Most of the career from big corporation with prime focus on international business management, including overseas assignements in London, Hongkong and Milan. Former President of Scibase AB, Ultrazonix DNT AB and management positions at Pharmacia.

Lars Martin
Business and Management Consultant
ODDFOX Consulting. Vast industrial experiences with focus on marketing and management, such as CEO for both large and small companies, Sales & Marketing Director for several companies in different stages. Lars are also involved in several startup companies within different areas e.g. med tech, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and bio tech.

Achim Orzechowski
Senior Consultant and Business Development at PKxpert. R&D Scientist & Manager with over 18 years of industry experience in drug discovery & development. Currently CEO of Northern Light Pharmaceuticals and Senior Consultant at PKxpert AB. Previously, holder of various senior management positions in AstraZeneca R&D leading the Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics department in Södertälje for more than six years.

Gunilla Osswald
CEO Bioarctic Neuroscience AB. Extensive experience in drug development from with a documented track record of project delivery from preclinical to regulatory submission and launch. Several years of management experience from Astra Zeneca.

Ingemar Persson
Regional Manager at Prevas. Long and vast experience from consultancy work for the industry, both small innovator driven companies and multinational export companies. Experienced mentor and business coach. His work is characterized by reaching goals through clear vision and approach and attitude.

Anders Rylander
CEO Biovica AB. Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Industrial Economics and Management, from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Management consultant for more than 15 years at Accenture. Co-founder Axholmen management consulting firm. Focus on improving operational efficiency for large corporations in the Nordic market. Combines a senior strategic outlook on all business problems with an energetic drive to solve and implement

Helena Ströberg
Business Development Advisor Uppsala Innovation Centre AB. Long and broad experience in sales and marketing on both regional and global level, including strategic product development at companies such as GE Healthcare Life Sciences and Galderma. Extra experience in understanding customers and their needs well at an early stage in order to succeed in the marketplace.

Lena Söderström
CEO Senzime AB. More than 20 years of management experience in international pharmaceutical and medical device industry; extensive leadership experience from building high-performing international and national teams.


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