He learnt most about commercialisation

71 researchers from Swedish universities participated in Mentor4Research 2015. 70 percent of the researchers are born abroad. The nine finalists represented seven nationalities.

Pedro Réu, from Portugal and Ph D student at Karolinska institutet won the tenth and last round of Mentor4Research.

- This win facilitates the coming meeting with future investors, he said after he received the award of 100 000 kronor.

The purpose of the programme is to let researchers gain insight and experience in commercialisation of their research results. All of the researchers told the jury and the audience in the final presentations about plans starting a company. All considered it to be crucial that their research results also produce some benefits to society. 

Pedro Réu, Ph D work at Karolinska is in the area of cell and molecular biology.

Maris Hartmanis has been the winner’s mentor.

- Pedro is very receptive and a good problem solver. I am so happy for him. Now he has a good base to start his company, he said.

The business Pedro till start will market his own innovation: an automatic and compact cell culture device. The market is global with laboratories all over the world. The device takes care of the daily work without daily human assistance. It saves time and reduces the waste in a laboratory. A full scale prototype has already been developed.

- The time together with my mentor has given me a new network. Thanks for that, said Pedro Réu, who also won the audience vote for best presentation.

Exactly what the award money will be used for was not really clear to him.

- But I will find something good, Pedro concluded.

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