International group in Mentor4Research 2015 at Linköping University

In the tenth round of Mentor4Research 2015 Linköping University has seven researchers from a variety of disciplines. The international attractiveness of Mentor4Research shows also up in Linköping. The group of researchers underscores how global the research is today. Researchers come from Brazil, China, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden and Ukraine.

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Researchers Linköping 2015

Erik Berglund
Background in computer science, has work in research in user-interface technology research since 2002. Erik has previous experience of startup companies. PhD.

André Carvalho Bittencourt
Main research topics are in diagnosis of technical systems and industrial analytics/data mining. Have collaborated with ABB in robotics and process industry for seven years. Postdoc.

Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene
I am approaching my licentiate examine with the main focus on Lean Remanufacturing. I run workshops at the industrial companies in order to identify remanufacturing challenges and opportunities to apply lean principles aimed at improving product quality, shortening lead time and optimizing inventory level. PhD candidate, div. of Manufacturing Engineering, dept. of Management and Engineering.

Xinyu Liu
Research interests are developing a novel cubic silicon carbide substrate, which will be used in transistors, biomedical devices, solar cells and water splitting for hydrogen generation. Senior researcher engineer in semiconductor materials division, IFM.

Iris Pilch
Research interests entail fundamental understanding of plasma-based synthesis of complex nanoparticles and their utilization as functional building block in applications, e.g., fuel cells or solar cells. Research Fellow at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM).

Vozniy Oleksiy
Research in plasma sputtering with HIPIMS technology. Post doc.

Fengling Zhang
Research focus on flexible, low cost solar cells based on polymers and soluble organic molecules as well as polymeric electrochromic smart windows for energy saving buildings. Professor in the department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, LiU.

Mentors Linköping 2015

Magnus Ahlström
Has worked 10+ years in academia and private education as director for master program and teaching in marketing etc. Working in major high-tech company since 15+ years. Business development, strategy and marketing and is currently heading function for international innovation management. Personal experiences from start-up company. PhD.

Robert Forchheimer
Has primarily contributed to the fields of video communication and optical networks. One of the originators of the international MPEG standard for video compression. Keen on taking research results to products. Many years of experience as board member and/or chairman of university spin-off companies. Has achieved several awards for his academic and industrial contributions. Mentorship of the 2012 research winner of the M4R award. Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Linköping University.

Jonas Lindqvist
Founder at Spotscale, Chairman and Founder at Intuitive Aerial and Angel and Consultant at Inopia. Specialties; early stage company development and strategies. Innovative entrepreneurship and motivating key team members. Technology and innovation in media technology, creative software tools and middleware, computer games, computer graphics, remote sensing and internet of things.

Henrik Ljungcrantz
Managing Director at Impact Coatings MaxPhase. Background in Physics and PVD thin film technology. Founded Impact Coatings. Worked more than 15 years as product developer, market and sales responsible in Europe, Asia and USA. Experience in launching new innovative products. PhD.

Per Ola Post
Owner and senior consultant in Post Lean Production AB. Main focus change management with Lean Production as the main philosophy. Has been employed at Scania and Toyota, mostly dealing with product development and manufacturing. M.Sc. Physical Engineering.

Leif Söderström
30 years experience from electronics industry. Development, production, marketing & sales, management and company ownership. MSc EE.

Sabine Zink Claesson
Business System Support. Background in economy, has worked within finance and IT business in Germany, US and Sweden. Main tasks for the past 8 years are process and project management and partner enablement.