Karolinska Institute life science oriented group in Mentor4Research 2015

Karolinska Institutet, participating for the tenth time in Mentor4Research 2015, contributes with a group representing the broad depth of Life Science research at KI. The group of ten researchers underscores how global the research is today. In addition to Sweden countries like India, Iran, Italy, Portugal and Germany are represented. A Wallenberg Academy Fellow from Lund University is also part of the KI group this round.

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Researchers Karolinska Institutet 2015

Bo Christer Bertilsson

My research area is pain assessment. We have developed a patient monitored pain diagnostic method/device. It can be used by a patient in the home or at the clinic / by the clinician and be connected to an diagnostic module which will suggest possible diagnoses and suggest further examination and treatment methods. Much like the automatic ECG devices that are used in most clinics all over the world today. PhD, research group leader

Åsa Carlsson Tedgren

My research focus is better medical radiation including collaboration with persons from the field of mathematical optimization. I work close to the application of my research being cancer treatment by radiotherapy. My research strives to make such treatments more effective by developing tools for highly individualized, tumor patient treatment. Researcher. Associate Professor. Medical physicist.

Simone Codeluppi

My research is in molecular neurobiology combining RNA sequencing and neuroscience. I am involved in developing novel methods for sequencing maintaining the spatial information of the tissue. The technology I am developing is applied to basic research focusing on understanding the response to spinal cord injury at a cellular level.

The analysis of spinal cord injury data may lead to novel drug targets which that can improve a pathology where no therapeutic treatment is available. Postdoc.

Susanna von Holst

I research in the area of cancer genetics, looking at predisposition av genetic factors. Aiming to develop a diagnostic tool within cancer. PhD.

Tojo James

My research focus on improving and integrating different analysis pipeline for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data (“Big Data”). The overall goal of my PhD studies is to understand the disease etiology of a complex multifactoral autoimmune disease (for (multiple sclerosis) in which different genetic factors along with the environmental factors play an important role in disease susceptibility. With vast amount of data generated in the genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic research world I want to develop tools to manage and monitor this information through a unique platform. PhD Student.

Malin Lohela Karlsson

My research area is within occupational health and safety with a special focus on economic evaluations of workplace interventions. Besides measuring the health and productivity effects of the interventions performed I also calculate the cost-effectiveness of such intervention from both a company and societal perspective. Researcher.

Johan Malmström

My research focus is on an innovation in infection medicine proteomics (IMP). Current project goal of finding solution to the problem of “getting right medicine, with correct ordination at the right time”. Wallenberg Academy Fellow at Lund University. Associate Professor.

Erik Müllers

I am studying cell division and DNA damage with a focus on cancer cell biology. Main questions are how cancer and non-cancer cells are different in their cell cycle and in their response to DNA damage. Post-doc.

Roham Parsa

I am in the field of medicine and immunology. Proof-of-concept experiments have already been performed in mice and shown very good results. Many in vitro assays have also been performed with human primary cells but more are planned with collaboration of DDD. PhD student.

Pedro Reu

My current research is focusing on an inexpensive automated cell culture device for long term cell culture maintenance. It offers a long autonomy in a very reduced space and the opportunity to easily perform automated experiments. PhD student.

Elham Yaktei-Karin

My research is on Chronic myelogenous (or myeloid or myelocytic) leukemia which is probably the only cancer type that can be controlled by drugs. However, this drug needs to be taken for a life long period, which apart from the cost of the drugs new side effects are being reported for these drugs. We are looking at using an existing drug as  a new drug target to cure CML instead of controlling it. Postdoc.

Mentors Karolinska Institutet 2015

Henrik Ahlen

Today working as a digital business strategist, with focus on cross section betwen IT and health care applications. Worked as an entrepreneur within multimedia since late 80s. Earlier founder of Ahead Multimedia, Friskvårdschecken, etc. Active in several business and entrepreneurial networks.

Mats Espander

Long experience of Life Science industry. Initially on the sales and marketing side. Today focusing on assisting Life Science companies with financing.

Maris Hartmanis

Seasoned results-driven executive and leader with more than 25 years of CEO and senior executive R&D management experience from the international Life Science arena, including Pharmaceuticals, Medtech, Biotech, Life Science Supply and Diagnostics.

Anders Ingeström

Worked in IT/Telecom industry 30+ years. Today focusing on active board work and investments in growth companies. Earlier management positions including CEO in several companies like AU-System, Across Wireless, Sonera Smarttrust and Mobeon.

Bo Hammarlund

Worked in many projects taking cutting edge technology from Swedish universities to business. Used to building teams for successful business growth from seed to startup, raise capital and win early customers.

Sverker Ljunghall

Licensed physician, specialist in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. Some 400 papers in peer reviewed journals (PubMed) 13 years in Astra/AstraZeneca, in senior roles in R&D. Professor emeritus at Uppsala University

Sune Rosell

Decades of successful work in the Life Science arena. Earlier professor at Karolinska Institutet, head of R&D at Astra, CEO of startup companies. Co-founder of Mentor4Research spin-off Chundsell Medicals.

Fredrik Skoglund

Industry generalist with almost 20 years of experience in business development, people management, change management, product development, and information technology. Large enterprises and the small start-up, on international level. ICT, Telecom, Medtech, Media, Automotive, Transport, Bank&Finance.

Kjell Svensson

Globally responsible for Human Resources at Volvo several decades. Long experience of board work internationally. Today active in HR People Management.

Lena Wikingsson

Decades of management experience from both large and smaller growth companies in the Life Science industry. Today CEO at Dilafor.

Neil Yman

Has over a decade of experience from the pharmaceutical industry. Mainly sales and marketing within Cardiovascular diseases and oncology. Today responsible for early stage products within oncology at Glaxo Smith-Kline.


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