KTH celebrates tenth round in Mentor4Research

KTH has been part of Mentor4research since the beginning and has 15 researchers in the tenth program 2015. Researcher are from areas like IT, life science, robotics & machine learning, energy and forest research. The group is very international with researchers from China, Germany, India, Iran, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine.

For a longer 3-4 minutes video see vimeo.com/108122771

Researchers KTH 2015

Yasemin Bekiroglu
Postdoctoral researcher at the Computer Vision and Active Perception Lab (CVAP). Research interests include robotics, computer vision and machine learning. Focus on learning-based approaches for robot grasping and manipulation using multi-sensory data.

Bikash Dev Choudhury
PhD candidate-Nanophotonics at the Department of Materials and Nano Physics. Expertise in semiconductor material processing and nanophotonics device development. Current research interest include high efficiency solar cell, nanophotonics for imaging and display applications and sensitive optical biosensor. Before KTH applied research in area of sensitive optical biosensor and other photonic devices in Mumbai, India.

James Gross
Associate Professor in Wireless Networking at the EE school. Research in novel designs of wireless networks for disruptive applications. Now focusing on ultra-reliable wireless networks with very short latencies, to be used in the context of safety-critical control systems.

Josefin Illergård
Researcher developing environmentally-friendly antibacterial materials. Focused on renewable cellulose fibres as a more sustainable and safer alternative to the antibacterial products available today.

Farid Kondori
PhD in media signal processing. Main focus is on developing theories and techniques for exploring new interaction methods beyond keyboard and mouse, utilizing human body. Research interests include computer vision, image analysis, pattern recognition, and human-computer interaction.

Taras Koturbash
PhD student at Department of Energy Technology. Research project focused on development of novel low-cost technology and related instrumentation for measurement and control of quality characteristics of natural gas. The research project is supported by KIC InnoEnergy SE and Startup company GasQuaL AB.

Robert Lagerström
Associate professor in Industrial Information Systems and visiting scholar at Harvard Business School. Research interests are modelling and analysis of complex systems including cyber security on an enterprise-level.

Haibo Li
Professor at KTH School of Computer Science and Communication.

Nader Nikkam
Post Doc researcher in Materials Chemistry. Developing innovative methods for the fabrication of novel nanofluids (“NFs”); solid-liquid nanocomposites fabricated by stabilizing nanostructured materials in a base liquid. Promising products for energy related applications such as heat transfer, lubrication and thermal energy storage (PCMs). Now focus on the commercialization of recently developed NFs for use in industrial applications.

Harisha Ramachandraiah
PhD student within clinical microfluidics. Developing microfluidics based point of care (POC) devices for early cancer detection and for infectious diseases.

Reyhaneh Soltanmoradi
PhD student at the Optics and Photonics research group at school of ICT. Research on micro- and nano-sized photonic structures to improve the performance of optoelectronic devices. Experience from several entrepreneurial programs through activities at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. Strong interest in innovation management.

Muhammet Toprak
Associate Professor of Materials Chemistry. Developing methods for the fabrication of novel nanostructures using solution based, whenever possible green-chemistry, routes and controlling/engineering their interfaces with the surrounding media. These nanostructures useful in heat transfer and transformation. Also lubrication applications.

Shahrouz Yousefi
Researcher in Media Technology. Background in Signal Processing. Focus on designing technical solutions for 3D gesture-based interaction in future mobile devices and smart environments. Aim to introduce emerging technologies that enable humans to interact in digital space with real-life intuitiveness. Has won two innovation competitions. Holds international patent on solutions in mobile technology.

Jingna Zeng
PhD candidate in ICT school. Research interests include distributed algorithms, distributed transactional memory and distributed key-value stores.

Cheng Zhang
Final year PhD candidate at the Computer Vision and Active Perception Lab (CVAP), Research in machine learning theory and application in structured latent space modelling. Worked with projects in areas such as computer vision, information retrieval, computational biology and recommendation systems.

Mentors KTH 2015

Peter Blixt
Optronics Manager at Tobii Technology. 20 years of experience in building products and businesses based on research. Founder of two venture backed companies. PhD in Optics and former post doc at UCSB.

Robert Forchheimer
Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Linköping University. Contributed to the fields of video communication and optical networks. One of the originators of the technology behind the international MPEG standard for video compression. Strong interest in taking research results outside academia. 35+ years of experience as board member and/or chairman of university spin-off companies. Achieved several awards for his academic and industrial contributions. Mentor of the 2012 research winner of the M4R award.

Marie Fossum Strannegård
Currently global head of Energy and Utilities at Ericsson. Before worked in the utilities industry mainly with strategy, business development and R&D. Headed solar division. 14 years of international consulting experience in southern Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Johannes Heljelid
CEO at GreatLeap. Over 15 years experience of entrepreneurship, management consulting and technology transfer. Currently “entrepreneur in residence” at KTH.

Jacob Henricson
Career handling "low likelihood, high consequence" topics for more than a decade. Crisis management, business continuity, compliance and cybersecurity. Executive positions at Ericsson, PwC and 4C Strategies, working as both Management Consultant and Line Manager.

Mikael Johnsson
Investor, advisor and non executive board member of several private companies. 15 years investing in young, technology driven and fast growing companies predominately within the software, mobile and e-commerce sectors. Currently serves as a Venture Partner with Amadeus Capital Partners. In parallel runs his own investment and advisory firm Top Gear Advisory and Investment. Earlier 11 years with Investor Growth Capital.

Jens Mogensen
Entrepreneur with 20+ years experience from life science. Founder of several companies. Focus on adding client value, challenging the status quo and developing the individual.

Johan Sellström
Long time Internet entrepreneur, currently co-founder Rebaser AB.

Kurt Sillén
Currently CEO and founding partner for two startup companies and Business Director at Screen Interaction AB, a design and innovation bureau. Extensive background from Ericsson. Vice President and Head of Ericsson Mobility World, a global organization assisting telecom operators. Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for GSM systems globally. Project Manager for the development of the world’s first GSM Base Station and subsequent second generation of GSM Base Stations.

Tom Walsh
International career in marketing and sales. Management positions in telecom, industrial materials and bioenergy sectors. Since 2005 CEO and co-founder of Renetech. Working internationally in Sweden, Ireland and East Africa with partner and technology selection, financing, and project development in the area of resource recovery. Board member of the Technology Centre for Biorefining and Bioenergy. Earlier 12 years at Ericsson.

Ove Öhman
Serial entrepreneur. Founded or co-founded six companies. Holds 40+ patents. Received the Polhemprize 2003 for commercial valuable innovations. Awarded an honorary doctorate title from Uppsala University 2005. Shares time between the lab bench, boards and solutions scouting for unmet customer needs.



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