Mentor4Research participants gain insights on their role in the commersialisation process

What role should I as a researcher take in the commercialization process of my research results? That was a key question in a large workshop with over 70 researchers and mentors from Stockholm and Uppsala at IVA May 19th.

The workshop event started with presentations around possible roles in the commercialization process. "Being brave" was empasized by Anna Karin Källen and "stretching your comfort zone" was concluded by Kenth Bergman as important to find out what role a researcher should take.

The group of 70 researchers and mentors in Mentor4Research from Karolinska Institutet, KTH, Stockholm University, Uppsala University and SLU were then divided into eight different workshop groups. At the end of an intense evening one member from each group reported back to all participants about important general insights from the discussions.

Insights came from many areas and dimensions. Asking the simple question “why?” again and again to figure out what you really want and realistically can do. To understand how much to stretch your comfort zone it is also important to see how the culture where you are working might impact you. Take a step back to identify your dream and go from there. Understand how I can make the most impact in society and figure out best the role from that perspective were some of all the insights presented.

− In this event we tried to start a longer process to to assist all researchers in thinking about possible roles in commercialisation process. It was great to see how engaged the researchers and mentors were in the group discussions", says Anders Gezelius, National Program Manager for Mentor4Research. “I am looking forward to see the progress in every researcher’s commercialization journey during the second half of the program”, concludes Anders Gezelius.


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