Stockholm University diverse group in Mentor4Research 2015

Stockholm University, part of Mentor4Research again in the program 2015, has a diverse group of 13 researchers representing the wide spectrum of research at the university. Disciplines range from psychology and languages, to life and natural sciences. The group is also very international, with a majority of the researchers not being native Swedes. Researchers are born, grown up and having a heritage from other countries like Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, South Korea and USA.


Researchers Stockholm University 2015 

Maria Frostling-Henningson

I am currently working with CSR (”Corporate Social Responsibility”) communication with a focus on environmental aspects. Associate professor.

Naveen Gowdan

I am currently conducting research in cell biology addressing protein degradation and refolding. Ultimately addressing these questions help solve the factors unknown factors involved in neurodegenrative diseases. Finding potential biomarker and interactions of precursor misfolded state and develop into stable insoluble protein are key in understanding disease state.  PhD student.

Maria Greger

I am conducting research on methods using plants for soil and water remediation and crop cultivation with low heavy metal content. We have develop a method which has proven inexpensive and effective. Researcher and docent.

Stephan Hau

My research includes affect identification, which seems highly relevant in successful communication between people. This is relevant for psychotherapists when treating their patients but also in other fields this can be of interest: leaders and decision makers in companies and other organizations. Professor.

Eric Johnston

My research seeks to develop a biomimetic approach to efficiently synthesize complex peptide derived biologics. Goal to circumvent the major problems (isolation/purification) associated with the synthesis and handling of peptidyl protein fragments. With the increasing prominence of protein therapeutics, the proposed chemistry has the potential to benefit people by making a new generation of protein-based drugs clinically available. Researcher.

Carla Jonsson

I conduct research within professional communication in the workplace and bilingualism in education. Assistant Professor and researcher. 

Eeva Klintfors

My research field is neurobiology of language; neurocognitive language development in young children. The idea is to use eye-tracking; a technology that allows for analysis of individuals’ looking behavior, to accurately assess language learning in children. Researcher.

Jonas Olofsson

My research concerns mainly the sense of smell and how it is affected by brain aging and early-stage dementias. Smell tests has potential as diagnostic tools for dementia syndromes such as Alzheimers’ and Parkinsons’ diseases. Smell-based “brain training” games can enhance sensory and memory functions (e.g. improving wine and food flavor evaluation skills, reducing food reluctance in children and improving appetite in aged individuals). Associate professor docent and senior lecturer.

Kimmo Rantalainen

My research project is in the area of properties of protein and related to mammalian magnesium channels. I have the idea to combine two instruments into on and add functionality which would simplify work for many other researchers. Postdoc.

Andreas Rydh

My research field is experimental condensed matter physics with focus on superconductivity, novel materials, and mesoscopic systems. I have been building up a quite unique nanocalorimetry system for measurements of high-resolution low-temperature specific heat of microgram sized samples. Associate professor.

Judit Simon

My research is about creative learning and leadership. My research can be useful in all fields where there is some kind of learning and cooperation between people. I am now focusing on schools. Researcher and a lecturer.

Susanna Toivanen

My research is about work environment and health. I’ve completed a project about workplaces of the future as in-house researcher at NCC Property Development, with support from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. The results were recently published in a popular science book about sustainable and healthy workplaces (Framtidens arbetsplatser). My intention is to further explore workplaces of the future. I’m a researcher at Centre for Health Equity Studies, and an Associate Professor of Sociology.

Kari Trost

My research is based on development psychology and statistics with a current focus on psychological immune system. It is strongly linked to well-being and physical health. By use of profiling techniques, the psychological immune system can be studied at an individual level, a department level, or even corporate level. Researcher and lecturer.

Mentors Stockholm University 2015

Torbjörn Andersson

Has a long experience from med tech industry at executive posittions internationally. Today, working as an independent advisor towards start-up and small (growing) companies within medtech.

Annika Espander

Extensive experience from 25 years as analyst, investor and executive in different areas of the financial markets as well as from the pharmaceutical industry. Top ranked analyst in healthcare during a decade, head of equity and credit research. Earlier head of Private Banking at Handelsbanken. Experience from board positions in listed and private companies. Extensive network in healthcare and financial industries in primarily the US and Northern Europe.

Michelle Esseen

Cultural transformations consultant & Organisational consultant, Coach and leadership developer. Development of people and organisations is my main focus and goal. To help people as well as organisations to reach their personal/organisational goals in life and in the market, to support their growth and add value on all levels. Work today at Psykosyntesteamet.

Svante Forsberg

Chairman of the board, authorized public accountant and senior partner in Deloitte Sweden. He has extensive experience as lead partner for audit and advisory services for large Swedish and international companies.  Has significant experience of other non-audit advisory services such as sustainability, corporate governance, regulatory and valuation issues. His clients include like ABB, Electrolux, Ericsson, Fortum, ICA, IKEA, Nordea, Ratos, Sandvik, SCA, SKF, Tetra Pak and Volvo.

Nils von Heijne.

Entrepreneur & Digital Communications Expert. 10+ years in tech, marketing & communication. Serial entrepreneur. Expert in all things related to digital marketing, communication and PR. Specialties include idea generation, ”word-of-mouth” marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, online PR, brand innovation.

Staffan Hintze

Head of research and development at NCC in the area of Land and Industrial Construction. Earlier experience from companies like Skanska, SWECO, Scandiakonsult, Geobyrån and Grontmij. PhD. Also adjunct Professor KTH.

Karin Isberg

HR and organizational consultant with the ability to bridge the results oriented and the human sides of HR management. Main strengths lie in the management of business and organizational change, coaching, talent management and compensation & benefits. Just as effective with a strategic or multinational perspective as in a Swedish operative environment. Experience from companies like Elekta, Electrolux, Telia, Zimmer, Korn Ferry, Merck, McKinsey.

Anders Kjellin

Area manager Öresund at Vasakronan. Long experience in leading positions in the property management sector. Vasakronan is dedicated to the development of workplaces of the future, and among the first to implement activity based workplaces in Sweden.

Mercedes de Miranda

General management background with strong experience in business development and finance and is used to working in international settings. Her work experience varies from consulting at McKinsey & Co, business development at Endemol Entertainment, financial director in a large child care organization to managing a social venture start-up.  Several board positions. Currently on the faculty of THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership.

Eva Pethrus

Senior Partners in Learning Manager at Microsoft. Development of organisations. Building growth through right education. Indepth knowledge of development of society through politcial reforms and vision and how that is interconnected w the private companies and public entities.

Claes Post

Investment manager Life Science at ALMI INVEST, Reg Pharmacist, Docent at Uppsala university and Professor of Neuropharmacology at Linköpings university. Board Member in several life science companies. Has held senior positions at Astra and Pharmacia in Sweden and Italy, has been CEO of several Swedish pharmaceuticals and biotech companies. Director of life science companies.

Dag Sedin

Founder of Gammadata. Today also active in other companies as investor and coach. Strength to make things happen and get companies to grow. Solid experience in commercialization from innovation to complete product and paying customers.

Susanne Segeblad

Sales professional with a special interest in market development and market expansion domestically and internationally. Roles often within technical B2B business development and sales. Enjoy supporting others in achieving their goals and become successful in their work. Passion to communicate, both internally and externally and especially cross-culturally. Experience from companies like Tobii, Q-med and Cycore.


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